Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ Movies Received Praise From 1 Harsh Critic of Marvel Films

Hollywood is far from short of Spider-Man remakes and reboots. Between two decades of Marvel and Sony Spider-Man films (and several before it, dating as far back as 1969), we have seen so many adaptations of Peter Parker and his infamous spider bite since the Sam Raimi films that you’d think they were milked for all they have — and yet, many, many more are expected to follow. 

This overload in Spidey films makes it challenging for directors like Sam Raimi and Marc Webb to achieve critical acclaim. Raimi, however, received praise from one unexpected critic who many already know doesn’t think highly of Marvel. This makes his praise 100X more incredible for the director!

Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ movies are arguably the best

Sam Raimi at the Los Angeles 'Spider-Man 2' premiere at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California
Sam Raimi at the ‘Spider-Man 2’ premiere | L. Cohen/WireImage via Getty Images

The opinion that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies are the best of the bunch in the last two decades is often debated — and honestly varies from person to person and critic to critic. Many prefer more recent ones because the special effects and CGI are more advanced, but others can’t get over how well Raimi executed his vision in the early 2000s.

While Tom Holland’s version saw him becoming what he is thanks to Iron Man (and being saved by him on several occasions), Toby McGuire’s version followed the traditional comic book interpretation — bringing the comic to life via spinning newspapers and Spidey reports.

According to Collider, the reason Raimi’s adaptation holds up so well is that he “tracks the emotional and physical geography of Peter’s arc through an entertaining mix of action and humor.” Although Peter doesn’t harness his comic book counterpart’s quick and witty quips, Raimi certainly makes up for it in awkward relatability and action-packed suspense.

Martin Scorsese gives his approval to only ONE Marvel franchise

If there were ever a perfect person to tip the scales on the “best Spider-Man movie” debate, it’s Martin Scorsese. The harsh critic of Marvel is stingy with his praises when it comes to all of our favorite superhero movies, and he’s tough to please on the topic.

He gave his approval to Sam Raimi and his early-2000s rendition of Spider-Man! This is significant in itself, but even more so when you add in that the shout-out was during a documentary series that basically worshipped ’70s cinema and looked down on the big-budget blockbusters that followed.

Taking it back to 2003 in A Decade Under the Influence, Scorsese said in the third part of the documentary that he does like at least one Marvel franchise. “Spider-Man films– Sam Raimi’s films I like actually. And I’m really glad that was a big success. But it widens the gap.”

What’s to come for Sam Raimi in the Marvel Universe

Scorsese’s approval of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man is nothing short of shocking. Even today — almost two decades after he praised the film — Scorsese stands firm on his disapproval and dislike for all Marvel movies. If possible, he may have even gotten more critically harsh. However, Raimi’s role in Marvel Cinematic Universe has recently been extended. So, that just might change? 

Expected to premiere in 2022, Raimi is currently directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Will this be the next Marvel franchise to score Scorsese’s approval? It’s hard to say, but if anyone can do it, it’s Raimi. 

As of right now, he has at least earned the approval of MCU fans, with many fans freaking out about Doctor Strange 2 and highly anticipating its premiere. Since parting ways with director Scott Derrickson over creative differences, you might even say that viewers have more to look forward to from Marvel in the coming years. 

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