Samantha Markle Weighs in on Opinion That Meghan Markle Is ‘Complaining’ About Her Life: ‘Don’t Ever Let Money Be What You Pursue’

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, discussed her life and how things have been going for her so far. She weighed in on the opinion of some royal watchers that Meghan is “complaining” about her life despite what appears to be an abundance of wealth and access. Here’s how Samantha responded when the topic arose.  

Samantha Markle weighs in on what some describe as Meghan Markle ‘complaining’

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Samantha was interviewed by royal commentator Patricia Demetriou (also known as PDina) and her co-host Paula Matanovich. Demetriou asked Samantha how she feels about seeing Meghan complain about royal life even though she has so much wealth and access.

“How do you cope with seeing the complaining from such a point of privilege in terms of health and wealth and access to so much?” asks Demetriou. “I would just be beside myself spitting fire at the disgustingness of what you experienced from someone that you know so closely tied to you.”

Although Samantha didn’t name Meghan directly (likely because she is suing Meghan for alleged defamation), she spoke generally about people who don’t seem to appreciate what they have. Samantha says she tries not to let it get the best of her. Instead, she focuses on the things in her life she’s grateful for.

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“If I internalized everyone’s behavior, I’d be so bogged down that it would be more immobilizing than MS is,” Samantha tells Demetriou. “So, I try not to go there.”

Samantha says it’s important to be grateful for what you have because money isn’t everything. She says having Multiple Sclerosis showed her that life can “change on a dime,” and your life could be altered forever. Samantha says people who worship money should take a moment and realize there’s more to life than financial gain. She says people who have their health shouldn’t take it for granted and make wealth their sole pursuit.

“Those who take [their health] for granted and live their lives in pursuit of what I think are all the wrong things, because money in all its glory might make you a little more comfortable, but you realize when you lose people and you lose physical ability, that all of that stuff does not matter one iota,” Samantha says.

Samantha says the “important” things in life should be pursued instead of money. “For people out there who have the benefit of health and physical agility I say don’t ever take that for granted,” says Samantha. “And don’t ever let money be what you pursue instead of those things that are most important.”

Samantha Markle says she didn’t ‘chase money’

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Despite growing up in a similar environment, Samantha says she and Meghan chose different approaches to life. According to her, she chose a “philosophical” approach, and her sister chose the opposite.

“I think philosophically my sister and I are very different,” says Samantha. “I think that my sister and I are so antithetical to each other. Given opportunities to chase money as the priority when I was younger, I didn’t. I was terrified of dating rich men because my grandmothers always said you don’t want someone to give you everything because then they can take it away. I don’t want disability to define me, and I certainly didn’t want a man to define me.”

Samantha says she pursued different things in life than Meghan did. Although they both grew up in California around people who had a lot of money, Samantha says she took a more thoughtful approach to life and didn’t try to chase riches.

Samantha refuses to have a ‘quitter mentality’

When asked how she feels about the way her life turned out compared to Meghan’s, Samantha says she focuses on moving forward and making the most of what she has. She tells Demetriou that she refuses to give up and quit on life.

“When I see children who are born without sight, or I see children who might not live very long for whatever reason, or I see children who adapt and overcome and learn to walk or who can redefine themselves, I always thought it felt selfish to pity myself or feel like I should give up,” says Samantha. “I’ve lived a long life, so I felt it would be somewhat piggish to have a quitter mentality when there are so many others who adapt to more severe circumstances.”

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