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Actor Sandra Bullock has made as much o af name for herself doing action movies and dramas as she has with comedies. When it came to ranking the genres’ difficulty level, Bullock felt comedies were much harder.

Why Sandra Bullock believes that acting in comedies is much harder than acting in dramas

Sandra Bullock at the 'Ocean's 8' premiere.
Sandra Bullock | Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Starring in dramas has often rewarded Bullock with high critical praise and accolades. She’s stood out in movies like Gravity and Crash, and once won an Oscar for Best Actress for The Blind Side. But her comedy films have been as equally kind to the star. She’s had success off the backs of lighter flicks like The Proposal and Miss Congeniality, both being some of her most popular works.

Although Bullock has earned herself Oscar gold, she felt that the Academy could be a little unfair to comedies. Especially since the actor believed doing comedies required much more effort than dramas.

“There’s no respect,” she once told Bang Showbiz (via Contact Music). “Actually, they’re harder to make, but when you land a comedic moment, or a joke, or something that makes the audience laugh, you know it right away. It’s immediate gratification on set. When you do a drama, someone in the editing room helps you, the musician helps you – there’s all these elements that help enhance your performance.”

She confided that this instant gratification that came with comedies is something that was missing in more dramatic roles.

Sandra Bullock once shared she was going back to comedy for good

Despite the lack of recognition given to comedies, Bullock asserted that she doesn’t do comedies with the intention to win awards.

“There’s no respect, but we also don’t do it for the respect. You don’t expect good reviews, you don’t expect credibility. You do it for the joy. You don’t do it for awards,” she said.

In recent years, she’s added even more dramas to her filmography like Bird Box and Unforgivable. But it seems that Bullock is ready to leave her dramatic days behind her for the time being.

“I’m never doing drama again,” she once said in an interview with Q’s Tom Power. “I just want to do my comedy. I’m going back to comedy. And I’m going to fight for it and I’m going to enjoy it.”

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How Did Sandra Bullock Get Her Start in Hollywood?

Although Bullock has starred in seemingly every genre in Hollywood, there’s one genre the Oscar-winner vows to avoid at all costs. Singing was something that Bullock never imagined herself doing onscreen. Despite the fact that both of her parents had musical backgrounds.

“I will never ever sing on camera,” Bullock said. “My mother and father were opera singers. I was in the operas as some dirty child always in the background. To sing, to me, is so revealing and, like, I have no ability to sing. I love music — I’m very musical. Singing I will never ever, ever do. That I’m afraid to do.”

Perhaps it’s for this reason that audiences shouldn’t expect Bullock to be in a musical anytime soon.

“I won’t tackle a musical,” she once told Harper’s Bazaar (via Digital Spy). “I’m not a singer. People don’t want to see me in a musical. I hate them. Hate them. I do know my limits. I don’t always heed them, but I know them.”