‘Santa Clarita Diet’: Will We Ever Find Out What Happened to Anne?

Santa Clarita Diet is the show we didn’t know we needed. It’s been called a comedy-drama, but there’s a splash of horror in there too. Drew Barrymore plays a typical suburban mom, Sheila, who eats some bad clams and becomes undead. What’s not typical is how her family comes together to get through it.

Now that Netflix has cancelled Santa Clarita Diet, fans are pretty upset. Not only are they losing Sheila and Joel, but the end of Season 3 left a lot of questions unanswered. Take a look at some of the loose ends that were NOT tied up at the end of the show:

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore plays Sheila on Santa Clarita Diet | Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

What happened to Anne?

Anne, a deputy in the sheriff’s department, was on Sheila and Joel’s trail for most of season 2. So, as anyone would, Sheila shows Anne the severed head of one of her victims. This particular victim, Gary, happens to be alive, or undead as the case may be. Even though Gary is just a severed head, he can still talk and think, and sell real estate.

Anne happens to be a devout Christian and thinks Sheila is heaven sent, literally. At first, having a cop help find people to kill and clean up crime scenes is pretty useful for Sheila and Joel. Anne becomes more of a liability when she starts telling people in her Bible group about the miracle that is Sheila. 

The last time we see Anne, Sheila is telling her to stay out of their business.  It seems pretty unlikely that Anne would back off, considering how much of a fervent believer she was. She does disappear for the rest of the season and breaks up with Lisa, her girlfriend (who happens to be Sheila and Joel’s next door neighbor). 

In real life, the actress who plays Anne was probably working on the NBC show Abby’s during the rest of Santa Clarita filming. If the show continued, though, fans might get to see Anne come back from ‘finding herself’. Who knows, she might be out preaching the gospel of Sheila all over the country.

How will Joel handle being undead?

Notice we won’t say zombie. That kind of terminology is offensive to the civilized undead like Sheila. Since she is undead, Sheila is immortal. When she realized that might mean spending eternity without Joel, her mortal husband, Sheila offered to bite him so that he’d be undead too. 

Fans who saw the 3rd season will know that Joel struggled with the idea of having to eat people. He also wasn’t sure that he could turn his commitment to Sheila into one that would last an eternity. At the end of the last episode, however, Sheila had to choose between biting Joel and letting him die. She obviously chose to bite him.

Joel wasn’t ready to be undead. He’s pretty squeamish, so it’s hard to see him eating people. Plus, now Santa Clarita has multiple undead to feed. Two other characters were turned during the 3rd season. Will they be able to meet their needs without getting caught?

What is up with Mr. Ball Legs?  

First, viewers find out that the ball Sheila vomited when she became undead can grow legs and is…sentient? Then, there’s a tease of what Ramona’s Mr. Ball Legs can do while she’s in the hotel. The action happens off-screen, so while it’s clear the creature did something, viewers can’t see exactly what. 

At the end of season 3, Sheila’s Mr. Ball Legs climbs inside Joel’s ear and talks through him! Sheila bites Joel to keep him from dying, but Mr. Ball Legs doesn’t reappear! Where did it go? What is that thing? 

It isn’t unheard of for Netflix to respond to fan input about a series.  Hopefully if fans make themselves heard, they’ll get at least one last season with Sheila and the gang.  A 4th season could wrap up some of the unknowns, and fans could rest easy knowing that Joel and Sheila will live happily ever after.