Sarah Jeffery’s ‘Queen of Mean’ From ‘Descendants 3’ Goes Viral on YouTube

Her reign will be endless. On August 2, 2019, Disney Channel premiered their original movie, Descendants 3. Since then, fans praised Sarah Jeffery for her fiery character, Audrey. Notably, fans praised the actress for Audrey’s song “Queen of Mean,” which trended on YouTube. Here’s what people are saying about Sarah Jeffrey’s hit song.

This article contains spoilers from Disney Channel’s Descendants 3!

Disney Channel's "Descendants 3"
Descendants 3 | David Bukach/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Sarah Jeffery starred as Audrey in Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants 3’

There are plenty of highlights from Disney Channel’s Descendants 3. Viewers met Mal’s father, Ben proposed to Mal, and a few VKs came to Auradon. One of the most unexpected twists was Audrey’s brush with evil. After Mal and Ben become a couple in the first movie, Audrey is noticeably heartbroken, leaning on Chad for validation. What she does next, however, makes her the true “Queen of Mean.”

“I knew that she was going to take a dark turn, but I don’t think I realized how prevalent it would be until I actually read the script and got into the swing of things,” Sarah Jeffery said in an interview with TV Line. “I cried when I heard [‘Queen of Mean’] for the first time. I just thought it was such a powerful song that told Audrey’s story really well. But I really didn’t realize how involved she was until I saw the movie for the first time, once it was all edited together. It felt like she finally got to tell her story.”

Sarah Jeffery’s song ‘Queen of Mean’ is trending on YouTube

On August 2, 2019, Disney Channel premiered their music videos, for various Descendants 3 songs, on YouTube. Sarah Jeffery’s song, “Queen of Mean” earned instant success, soaring over songs like “Do What You Gotta Do” featuring Cheyenne Jackson and Dove Cameron.

Within a few hours of its release, the song jumped to the #1 spot on YouTube’s list of trending videos. About two days after the premiere of Descendants 3, the song remains steady at the #2 trending spot. The video currently has over 8 million views on YouTube. ‘Queen of Mean’ is also one of the most successful on the Descendants soundtrack on Spotify, earning thousands of plays.

Fans shared their love for ‘Queen of Mean’ on Twitter

The praise for Sarah Jeffery’s song goes beyond YouTube. On Twitter and Instagram, fans of Descendants shared their love for ‘Queen of Mean.’ Some said its the best song on the Descendants 3 soundtrack.

“The #Descendants3 soundtrack is the definition of perfection, not one track has a fault,” said one Twitter user. “‘Night Falls’ and ‘Queen of Mean’ are the ultimate bops and I cannot wait to see each and every song translate on screen I’m like crying.”

“‘Queen of Mean’ is such a bop I can’t believe a Disney Channel original movie served such a modern hit #descendants3,” said another Twitter user.

“Exclusive: Descendants 3 icon and Malphobic queen, Sarah Jeffrey, is said to be a front-runner with her breakout smash, ‘Queen of Mean’ for the Song of the Year category at the Grammys. Insiders claim the Academy have come to a consensus that ‘Sarah can wash Ariana and Billie,’” joked another Twitter user.

Descendants 3 is now available for streaming on Disney GO and on Disney Channel.