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Schitt’s Creek introduced us to the Rose family, a group of self-absorbed individuals who lose all of their wealth and are forced to move to their only remaining asset — the town of Schitt’s Creek that the rich patriarch, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), had purchased as a joke years earlier. 

Despite the show’s focus on the Rose family, Twyla Sands, the local waitress, was actually a plot-driving character. Her seemingly dark history should have made Twyla more of a bitter, hardened character, but instead, she was always a force of positivity — one that ultimately allowed the Roses to change for the better.

Sarah Levy Twyla Sands 'Schitt's Creek'
Sarah Levy | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

‘Schitt’s Creek’ was family affair

In more ways than one, Schitt’s Creek was a family project. At its core, Schitt’s Creek is a show about family. The whole point of the series was to tell the story of a family who are forced into a situation where they have to become reacquainted with each other. The family aspect doesn’t stop there, though. 

Father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy worked together to create and star in the show, but Dan’s sister, Sarah Levy was also a star in the series. What’s more, Eugene’s brother Fred Levy was a producer on the sitcom.

While Sarah didn’t play the same role she does in the actual Levy family, her character did serve as a pivotal role that brought glimmer of hope to the town of Schitt’s Creek — at least, for the Roses, anyway. 

Twyla looked up to the Roses 

Throughout the series, the Roses often turned to Twyla for advice. Whether it was to settle an argument or use her as a soundboard, Twyla became a constant to the Roses — especially Johnny and Alexis, who often sought Twyla out for said advice.  

Sure, the Rose family were a pretentious bunch who were uninterested in Twyla’s life, but she never seemed to care. Twyla was able to look past their sole complaint of having lost their fortune. Instead, Twyla saw the Roses for what they were at their core — a family. “As dysfunctional as they seem to each other and to us at the beginning, [Twyla is] looking at this family as two parents that are still together, they still love each other, they all live in a motel together — for the most part, decently happily,” Sarah Levy explained in an interview with Bustle

Twyla brought the Rose family closer together

As Schitt’s Creek came to a conclusion, an ironic twist of fate demonstrated that having money doesn’t always equal happiness. Throughout six seasons, the Roses worked toward regaining their wealth and the status that came with it. Slowly, they each start to realize that wealth can take on many different forms, whether that’s finding true love, gaining clarity on a career path, or spending time with each other. 

As if they hadn’t already learned enough from Twyla, she came through for the Roses one final time by revealing that she had won $46 million in the lottery several years back.

Despite being a millionaire, Twyla chose to continue working at the café because, according as Levy explained to Bustle, “she’s so content with her life as it, that money is an extra bonus.”

Twyla helped the Rose family to see that they already had all of the riches in the world in each other, making Twyla Sands the M.V.P. of Schitt’s Creek.