Sarah Michelle Gellar Explains the 1 Part of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Her Daughter’s Not ‘Ready for Yet’

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer said goodbye to the TV show and Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) back in May 2003. Gellar, who remains as popular as ever for her Buffy role, is preparing to introduce a new generation to her TV counterpart including her own children.

Sarah Michelle Gellar attends 2018 Build Series
Sarah Michelle Gellar attends 2018 Build Series | Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Sarah Michelle Gellar has 2 kids with Freddie Prinze Jr.

During her time on Buffy, Gellar married Freddie Prinze Jr., her longtime boyfriend and occasional co-star. They tied the knot in 2002 and remain one of Hollywood’s most long-lasting couples.

The two became parents for the first time in 2009 when they welcomed a daughter, Charlotte Grace Prinze. A son, Rocky James Prinze, joined the family in 2012.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is waiting for the day when her daughter can watch ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

During a 2019 interview with W, Gellar opened up about preparing for the day her kids will watch Buffy.

“I’m sure there will come a time where my daughter wants to see it,” Gellar said. “And I’ll probably have to sit down with her for a little bit,” she added.

Gellar continued, saying she probably has a few more years to go before that happens.

“My kids are still a little young,” she said. “I think to really understand Buffy you have to be a little older.”

The actor added that she wants to wait until Charlotte can grasp all of the complexities of Buffy

“Sure, she would probably love the fight scenes and the relationships and the costumes, absolutely,” Gellar said of her daughter. “But what it means, she wouldn’t be ready for yet, so I’d rather wait until the time is right. And only if she wants to!”

Sarah Michelle Gellar is known for her years spent starring in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ 

Back in the ‘90s, Gellar ended her time on a popular daytime soap opera to star in a TV show about a teenager who lives in a seemingly average California town. The catch is that Gellar’s character fights vampires, demons, and other evil forces. 

Created by Joss Whedon, Buffy debuted on March 10, 1997, with Gellar in the title role as a strong, independent lead teen. Right away, audiences responded positively to Gellar and the supernatural series. As a result, Buffy became known as one of the most popular TV shows not just on The WB but TV at large. 

Running for seven seasons, Gellar’s turn as Buffy Summers remains one of her most popular roles. Still going strong more than 15 years since the show went off the air is the Buffy fan base. New generations, one day including Gellar’s kids, discover the series, and love it.