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Chrissy Teigen might be the mayor of Twitter but don’t expect Sarah Michelle Gellar to share her thoughts on the social media platform anytime soon. The former star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer much prefers Instagram

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses for cameras while attending the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in 2019
Sarah Michelle Gellar attends the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in 2019 | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Sarah Michelle Gellar stays in touch with fans on Instagram

She may have played a vampire slayer but Gellar slays Instagram. The 43-year-old regularly posts to her Instagram feed, giving her 3.2 million followers a glimpse at her life. 

Her throwback photos feature glimpses of past acting gigs such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions.

And, of course, her husband and fellow actor, Freddie Prinze Jr., makes the occasional appearance. Gellar’s close friend and Cruel Intentions co-star, Selma Blair, also gets a shoutout from time to time. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Instagram: ‘No one tells my story now but me’

Speaking with The Oprah Magazine in October 2019, Gellar offered up her take on Instagram. 

“I think what’s nice is being able to dictate my narrative,” Gellar said of the social media platform. “No one tells my story now but me and I’m in control of that.”

She continued, saying she can connect with fans on Instagram while maintaining “a life that is separate.” 

“Never before was that option open to people like me and I can give enough so people feel like they’re seeing what my life actually is really like, whether it’s my home life, my work life, my friends,” Gellar said.

“But I’m still able to go home at night and have a life that is separate from all of that. And it allows me to have that duality that I need to be able to function.”

Prinze Jr. and Gellar are parents to two children. Their now-10-year-old Charlotte Grace Prinze joined the family in 2009. A son, Rocky James Prinze, 7, followed in 2012. 

Twitter ‘became very overwhelming’, Sarah Michelle Gellar says

According to her Twitter profile, Gellar joined the social media platform in October 2013. However, she hasn’t tweeted since November 2017. Told by an interviewer that fans really want her to start tweeting again, Gellar says not to expect it anytime soon. 

“I know that I’m at a point in my life right now where I can’t dedicate the time that it actually needs because as you know I do it all myself,” Gellar said. “And Twitter takes a lot.” 


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She continued, saying Twitter “became very overwhelming” at one point

“I wouldn’t want to answer one person and not the other and it just became very overwhelming to me,” she said.

Gellar fans, don’t lose hope on a Twitter resurrection just yet.  

“That being said, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time in the future when it could happen,” Gellar said, noting that she hasn’t deactivated her Twitter. 

As of publication, Gellar’s still sticking to Instagram.