‘Saturday Night Live’: Beck Bennett Plays a Detective Singing About ‘Rare Steak’

Saturday Night Live knows how to keep us laughing even while social distancing for the coronavirus (COVID-19). Last year in season 45, episode 17 during SNL at Home, a special edition of the series in which the cast members act out from their homes remotely, fans witnessed a number of hilarious sketches. One in particular, called “The Reveal,” features Beck Bennett as a detective in the midst of solving a murder over Zoom. We have all the details about the sketch featuring Cecily Strong, Heidi Gardner, Chris Redd, and Bowen Yang.

Beck Bennett plays a detective in ‘The Reveal’

Cecily Strong, Beck Bennett, Bowen Yang, Chris Redd, and Heidi Gardner during 'SNL at Home'
Cecily Strong, Beck Bennett, Bowen Yang, Chris Redd, and Heidi Gardner during ‘SNL at Home’ | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The SNL sketch starts with “The Reveal” flashing up on the screen in similar lettering to the Law & Order theme. “In these times, criminal justice is being carried out over Zoom,” the narrator says. The iconic “Dun Dun” is added as well.  

Bennett plays Detective Simms, who is hosting a Zoom call while trying to get to the bottom of a case involving a murder. “Hi everyone,” Simms says. “Detective Simms again. Look, this is not how we would normally conduct a murder investigation, but like everyone else, we have to adjust to the new normal.”

Three suspects are on the call, including Hugo (Yang), Willa (Strong), and Roy (Redd). They seem to be agreeable with it, and Simms continues.

“Cool, as you know, you’re all suspects because you attended Dirk Walker Simpson’s pool party on February 15 where he was strangled with somebody’s bikini bottoms,” Simms explains while holding up the garment in question. He laughs and apologizes, saying, “What a way to go.” He mentions that there’s a “breakthrough” in the case, and he’ll fill everyone in when the last suspect, Debbie Johnson (Gardner), joins the call. 

As they wait, Willa is humming a song, to which Roy says, “It’s nice,” and he inquires further about it. She admits that she’s “humming” a song she wrote.

The detective asks if she wants to sing it, and she does. Everyone seems to enjoy it, and they clap for her. Roy says it was “fire,” and Simms says he also writes songs too. 

“I knew there was something creative about you detective,” Hugo adds. 

Detective Simms sings a song he wrote called ‘Rare Steak’

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Roy asks what “genre” he writes music of, to which Simms replies, “More like masculine rock. Like how it used to be.” He adds, “Ladies on car hoods, that sort of thing. You wanna hear it maybe?”

Simms decides to sing the song since Debbie still hasn’t joined the meeting, and it’s a pretty memorable moment. But while he sings, the attendees look unimpressed.

“Rare steak, I’m red and raw, and I’m filling you up like a rare steak,” he sings. “Now let me sizzle on your griddle like a rare steak. Ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, rrr, rare steak.”

Finally, Debbie joins the call, saying she’s “sorry,” and she thought Simms was singing.

“I was singing an original called ‘Rare Steak,’ but now that you’re here, let’s get back to the murder investigation,” Simms says. “Debbie Johnson, we have security footage proving that you murdered Mr. Walker Simpson.”

She goes on to apologize, saying he wasn’t a favorite of hers. She admits to drinking two wine spritzers, and she “murdered him,” laughing about it and apologizing again. Then she gets up and leaves.

“I guess she left,” Simms says. “Well, we should probably go arrest her. Does anyone want to hear more of ‘Rare Steak’ before we leave?”

They all try to get out of the call before he starts singing his song again, but they’re having issues as Simms begins. Even Debbie comes back to dance along to the song as Simms sings more from his original classic, “Rare Steak.”

“Rare steak,” he sings. “It’s red in the middle, and just a little brown on the outside. It’s dripping red, and it’s in my mouth. It’s going down my throat and it’s making me rock.”

Only Debbie seems to enjoy the “Rare Steak” song when it’s all said and done in this memorable SNL sketch.