Saweetie Critics Question How She Can Afford a Private Jet With Her Net Worth

It’s no secret that Saweetie seems to enjoy the finer things in life. Like other celebrities, the “My Type” rapper has already made it clear that she enjoys uber-expensive Birkin bags and she is constantly wearing designer clothes and fancy jewelry. Now, Saweetie is making it clear that she enjoys traveling in luxury as well. The rapper recently shared photos and videos of her private jet to her social media pages. However, some critics were quick to question how the entertainer could afford the jet with her net worth.

Saweetie net worth
Saweetie | Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Today, December 22, 2020, Saweetie took to her Instagram page to share her private jet with her 8.9 million followers. “Fly in fashion I make myself proud,” the “Icy Girl” rapper captioned a series of photos of her boarding the jet. In her Instagram story, Saweetie also celebrated her win with several videos. “I got my first mother fuck*ng jet,” she declared. “I’m hella happy. This sh*t hell mother fu*king big I know that’s mother f*king right.”

Saweetie celebrates riding in her first jet

Many of the rapper’s fans immediately chose to celebrate with her. They congratulated her on her success and shared that she deserved to celebrate this milestone because of how hard she had been working. However, not everyone had kind things to say. When The Shade Room reposted Saweetie’s video to their Instagram page (which has over 20 million followers) people began to question how the rapper even had enough money to acquire a private just given her net worth.

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Some critics argued that Saweetie didn’t have enough streams or overall music sales to afford a private jet and all of the upkeep that it entails. “Who tf streaming her music 😭 where she getting this money from,” one person commented. “She must make money off of promo cause she sure don’t make money off her music,💀” another person chimed in.

Critics question if Quavo paid for the private jet

Other people speculated that Saweetie’s boyfriend Quavo (who has a net worth of $26 million according to Celebrity Net Worth) must be the one behind the purchase of the private jet as they believed that Saweetie’s couldn’t afford it on her own. “Who paid for that cuz her music doesn’t sell like that 😂… nice gift Quavo,” one Instagram user declared. “I’m sorry but this has got to be with Quavos money,” another person quickly declared.

Other people weren’t questioning Saweetie’s net worth, but took issue with the fact that she was publicizing her wealth in a time when so many people are struggling financially. “We living in Covid and celebs throwing purses and Jets in our face ….meanwhile people across the country down bad ….life weird right now,” one person penned.

What is Saweetie’s net worth?

Meanwhile, some people couldn’t understand why Saweetie was getting so much criticism for showing off her private jet. “Some of y’all pressed in these comments, Saweetie don’t do nothing to nobody, be happy for her,” another person shared. Clearly, Saweetie’s post caused a myriad of different reactions. But can the rapper realistically afford a jet? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the “Tap In” artist is worth $4 million. While that’s likely not enough money to own a jet outright (given the costs of upkeep) it’s probably enough to travel in style on occasion.