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Say Anything… tells the love story of the unlikely couple, Lloyd (John Cusack) and Diane (Ione Skye.) The movie is cemented in movie history with its iconic scene of Lloyd playing music out of a boombox outside of Diane’s window.

But what happened to the couple after the movie ends? And are any of the stars interested in doing a sequel? The Cheat Sheet talked to Ione Skye on April 30 at the 30th Anniversary of Say Anything… at the Tribeca Film Festival. This is what Skye’s theory on what happened to them and if she’d do a sequel.

Ione Skye said John Cusack had to be convinced to do the movie

Ione Skye
Ione Skye | Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt

Say Anything… is now one of Cusack’s most iconic movies, but he had to be convinced by director Cameron Crowe and Skye.

The actress said she first met Cusack at her apartment. “Cameron and I invited him over and we were sort of convincing him to do the role,” she told The Cheat Sheet. “So it was a funny kind of scenario where he came over and we were like ‘This is gonna be great. You’ve got to do it.'”

She revealed what was holding Cusack back from taking the role. “He had done a few teen-like romcoms that were good in my eyes but he wanted to move on and do more serious and political things,” said Skye. “But Cameron was like ‘This is serious and it’s gonna be good and it’s not going to be a dumb movie with a chick in a bikini.'”

She doesn’t think Lloyd was “too stalkery”

The boombox scene in the movie is an iconic one. However, it has also been at the center of a debate. Is it okay to sit outside your ex’s place and play music to them, or is it creepy?

“But that’s part of the tension I think is that he might blow it and even when he calls, and he’s looking at her at the party, and it’s like he’s protecting her. Or is he just being overkill?” said Skye. “But in the end, he really did care about her. I mean I think they’d already had enough between them so it wasn’t too stalkery.”

Skye’s theory of what happened after the movie sounds like a plot for a sequel

At the end of the movie, Diane accepts a fellowship and will be going to England. Lloyd has a fear of flying but escorts her on the plane. What happens after that?

“I mean maybe they stay together,” said Skye. “And he goes back home and then they sort of fade away. But then we connect at some point maybe realistically. I don’t know.”

The former couple reconnecting does sound like an opportunity for a sequel, but would Skye be interested in doing one? “If Cameron Crowe wrote it I would,” said the star.

At least there is some hope for those who are still holding out to see Lloyd and Diane together again.

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