‘Scandal’ Cast: ‘We Are Still Totally Obsessed With Each Other,’ Says Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington led the charge as Olivia Pope in Scandal, ABC’s super-addictive, politics-centered drama. Even though it ended in 2018, Washington recently confessed that the former co-stars of Scandal are still “obsessed,” which is something we know at-home Gladiators can totally relate to.  

‘Scandal’ | Bob DAmico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The ‘Scandal’ phenomenon

For seven seasons, Scandal was a part of ABC’s salacious lineup of shows dubbed TGIT, or Thank God it’s Thursday. Each week, fans would look forward to the twists, turns, and titillation synonymous with Shondaland produced shows.

Scandal wowed audiences with provocative storylines from 2012 to 2018. The narrative revolved around a Washington, D.C.-based fixer named Olivia Pope, who knew where all the bodies were buried, figuratively (and sometimes literally).

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Olivia was flanked by her team of Gladiators, who were equally lethal as legal eagles and menacing muscle. Liv was a whiz when it came to coverups, conspiracies, and helping D.C.’s heavy-hitters out of sticky situations. But the poised political fixer also had her share of skeletons, including a hot and heavy affair with the remarkably charming (and very married) President of the United States.

From the political underbelly to the top of the food chain, Scandal served up stories that kept viewers hooked. It is no surprise that many devotees have headed to streamers to relive the show. And as much as fans adore the cast of characters, based on what Washington says, it appears that the former co-stars still dig each other too.

‘We Are Still Totally Obsessed With Each Other,’ Says Kerry Washington

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During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Washington confessed that the former Scandal cast-mates get along well and enjoy reconnecting. She quipped about the team being “obsessed” with each other, which may explain the group’s explosive on-screen chemistry.

“It’s always so fun to get together with our Scandal fam,” Washington told GMA. “We are still — you know, years after wrapping — we are still totally obsessed with each other. So, it’s always fun when we get to spend a little time.”

Washington notably connected with ex-scene partner, Tony Goldwyn, for yoga practice, as seen on Instagram Live. “Before I was able to make a living as an actor, one of my many hustles was yoga,” Washington revealed to GMA. “And I got certified to teach in India. I lived in India after college.”

Washington’s Instagram followers will notice that she is a keen yoga practitioner. And in her GMA interview, the star shed light on why she decided to teach online and how Goldwyn got involved.

So, I think I started really teaching the yoga online in a way because I needed to be doing more yoga to calm my nerves and to sort of center myself, and I thought maybe if my millions of followers knew that I was doing it they could hold me accountable and I would show up for them and show up for me. So, we’ve been doing yoga, and sometimes I have special guests, and Tony [Goldwyn], of course, is the ultimate special guest. So, it was fun to practice with him.

Kerry Washington on Good Morning America

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