Scarlett Johansson Returning to the MCU as a Natasha Clone Would be a ‘Cheap’ Way to Bring Her Back

Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, fans will have to wait an extra six months to see Black Widow, the much-anticipated standalone movie for the Avenger of the same name.

The film stars Scarlett Johansson, and it’s the second standalone movie to focus on a female character in the MCU, and Black Widow, or Natasha Romanoff, has a mysterious past that fans were dying to learn about. 

Before Avengers: Endgame premiered, fans were sure that Black Widow would be one of the surviving Avengers at the end of the movie, since her standalone movie was already in the works. 

Black Widow died in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 

Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet
Scarlett Johansson | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Unfortunately, fans were misled. Black Widow died at the end of Endgame, along with most of the other Avengers. Her standalone movie will take place between Avengers films.

It follows her escapades between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.  Although fans know what will happen to Black Widow at the end of the arc, they’re still anxiously awaiting this new movie, because Black Widow is such a complicated and interesting character. 

Natasha Romanoff was born in Soviet-era Russia. She was trained as a spy and assassin from a young age. Part of her preparation included receiving a lot of impressive weapons, like her infamous “Widow’s Bite.”

Black Widow is the name of all the graduates of Natasha Romanoff’s training program. Which means there’s more than one Black Widow. In the upcoming movie, fans can expect to meet at least one other former Soviet spy, played by Florence Pugh. Now, Johansson has hinted that she and Pugh will star in future films as fellow Black Widows. 

Will Black Widow come back in future ‘Avengers’ films?

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Fans of the Avengers have been trying to come up with ways the fallen could come back to life ever since the end of Endgame. They’re desperate for their favorite Avengers, like Iron Man, to come back. Whether it’s through some sort of time travel, or downloaded consciousness, fans can’t stand to think that this is the end. 

Many people think that Black Widow will find a way to come back in future films. If not, she could be replaced with another Black Widow, like Pugh. Introducing another graduate of Natasha Romanoff’s intense spy training in the Black Widow standalone movie may be a good way to present her to audiences for upcoming Avengers movies.

Johansson recently dropped the words “standalone franchise” in the context of her upcoming movie with Pugh. She not only suggested that there will be more Black Widow films, but that Pugh will be in them. Some fans think this is just a red herring from Marvel.

Pugh’s character may not even make it at the end of the movie. Or, the MCU could continue to go into the past, instead of the future. That means films could take place during a time when Natasha is alive and well. Fans agree that there’s one way they definitely don’t want to see Johansson’s Black Widow return to Avengers movies. 

Fans think a clone would be a ‘cheap’ way to bring Black Widow back 

Some Reddit fans think that there could be clones of all the Black Widow spies out there, and that Natasha Romanoff’s clone will come back for future Avengers movies.

One user thinks that “The red room obviously never died all they did was stop taking new recruits as a result of the frequent losses of agents to which they switched into cloning the best of they’re ranks one of them is a Natasha clone who becomes the main villain to which Yelena gets conflicted about killing her or saving her.”

According to fans on Reddit, this one actually makes the most sense in terms of reasonable ways to get Romanoff back, but they still wouldn’t like it. One user thinks clones would be the most realistic way to go. “We definitely could clone humans. We’ve cloned a wide variety of different mammals. We just don’t for ethical reasons. But that’s the thing about supervillains, not so ethical.”

Fans think that clones would be a “cheap” way to keep Romanoff in the franchise, and they wouldn’t feel emotionally connected to a clone Natasha. As a succinct commenter said: “A clone is not Natasha. That would not be compelling to me.”

There seems to be more popular support for Natasha Romanoff to be replaced with Pugh’s version of Black Widow.