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Schitt’s Creek just won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Yet despite how hilarious the show is, it is filled with incredibly tearful moments that can make anyone cry. 

A particular scene in the series had Catherine O’Hara in tears. In fact, they had to keep reshooting the scene over and over again, because the actress kept crying. Keep reading to find out the moment that made the waterworks flow.

Catherine O'Hara
Catherine O’Hara | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Eugene Levy and Dan Levy consider the series to be a drama 

Despite the big Emmy win for the series receiving an award for best comedy, both Dan Levy and Eugene Levy consider the series to be a drama at its core. They believe that the series is filled with emotional story arcs that make it more dramatic than comedic. During their cast roundtable discussion, Eugene further explains this.

“You almost have to look at it as a drama to start with, to give your viewers and the audience something to latch onto,” says Eugene. “People latch onto comedy and jokes, that’s one thing, but you’re only as funny as your last joke. The audience gets behind the storylines of every character. It’s kind of thickened out over the years, where audiences really got behind the storylines and the development of these characters.”

“If you have the drama, then the jokes are more organic,” O’Hara says in response. “It’s a deeper laugh when you care about the character.”  

Catherine O’Hara couldn’t stop crying when Patrick sang ‘The Best’

We feel O’Hara on this one. The Emmy-winning actress couldn’t stop tearing up while shooting the scene were Patrick serenades David with Tina Turner’s “The Best.” According to TV guide, It was so emotional for O’Hara that they kept having to reshoot the scene over and over again. Dan says during the round table,

“We had some fun relationship stuff… Positive representation of characters, you don’t get to have that kind of freedom a lot in half-hour comedies,” he says. “The queer characters are often reduced to stereotypical cliches that serve some kind of comedic relief in entertainment. So I think to tell the story of just two people falling in love was a choice that we felt was necessary, in the sense that you shouldn’t treat anybody with a different kind of glove just because of their sexual orientation.”

Why casting the role of Patrick was so difficult for Dan Levy


‘Schitt’s Creek’: Dan Levy Reveals His Favorite Character To Write For

In the roundtable cast discussion, Dan talks about how challenging it was to find someone to play Patrick. The character brings so much to the table and has to be incredibly unique to be just right for David. Dan says, “Casting that character was one of the hardest things we’ve done. You’re looking at a character that has to A: find charm in David, and B: want to be with him long enough to put all of his baggage and quirks aside. Patrick has to find genuine excitement and inspiration in who he is… which I don’t think many people have, historically speaking…”