‘Schitt’s Creek’: How Many Times Does Alexis Say ‘Ew, David’? Surprisingly, Not a Lot

The best comedies are so hilarious that they nearly make you pee your pants every time you watch. Comedies that good are few and far between, but luckily for us, comedian Eugene Levy knows how to make us laugh.

Levy and his son, Dan, created the spectacular Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian sitcom on CBC (and on Pop TV, here in America). Schitt’s Creek is a real gem, with a fantastic cast, creative storyline, and non-stop laughs. Fans love the characters, each with their own quirky personalities and iconic quotes

What is ‘Schitt’s Creek’ about? 

Schitt’s Creek is an amusing comedy about the Rose family, a disgustingly rich family who suddenly lose all of their wealth–except for a small town they once bought as a joke. The Rose family soon finds themselves–quite literally–in Schitt’s Creek. And no, they don’t have a paddle. 

Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Moira (Catherine O’Hara) Rose and their two children, David and Alexis, are used to living life in the lap of luxury. Johnny was the CEO of a video rental business and Moira was a former soap opera actress.

When Johnny’s business manager was busted for embezzlement, the family lost everything except for the town of Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny had purchased for his son as a gag gift. The family is forced to move to the tiny town and live in a run-down motel. 

The show thrives on the energetic, talented cast. Levy is exceptional as Johnny Rose, the slightly neurotic head of the family, whose character seems to actually relax and become happier after the loss of all of his worldly possessions.

Moira Rose doesn’t fare half as well when faced with the prospect of spending her days in a fleabag motel, and O’Hara brings her wacky character to life with extreme melodrama and extravagant flair. The supporting cast of wacky Schitt’s Creek citizens adds to the light-hearted, classic comedic plots that make this show so awesome.

Who are David and Alexis?

David and Alexis Rose are Johnny and Moira’s children. The Rose children are spoiled, snooty, fashion-obsessed adults who are far too old to still be living at home. Eugene Levy’s real son, Dan Levy, plays David, while Alexis is played by Annie Murphy. 

The endless witty banter between these two is one of the highlights of the series. They embody the typical sibling relationship–95% of the time, they can’t stand each other, but when push comes to shove, they are best friends. Alexis is bold, bossy, and reckless, while David hides his sweet and caring demeanor behind a flippant attitude. 

As the “kids” adjust to their new circumstances (we use the term “kids” loosely, as Alexis and David are around 30 years old), we see the facade fall away and get to know what these characters are really like. Alexis and David have always had money to make their lives easy, and watching them cope with this loss is like watching a blindfolded person grope their way through a hedge maze. It’s not pretty at first. 

Schitt's Creek Rose Family
L-R: Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy | Pop TV

David had anxiety issues but used his money to create an image that gave him a false sense of confidence. Alexis used the money to construct a life full of what she thought was happiness–jet-setting around the world, partying with celebrities, eating at the finest restaurants.

Their sudden change in status forces David to become more comfortable with himself, and show others his true personality. For Alexis, the new life helps her realize what truly makes her happy, and she’s surprised to find that it’s the simple things.

Both characters gain a sense of self-respect and the confidence to achieve new goals without the safety net of having buckets full of cash to fall back on.

What is Alexis’ iconic line? 

Alexis becomes known for one iconic line that represents her character perfectly–“Ew, David!” It’s so iconic, in fact, that fans think she says it all the time. It’s sort of the Mandela effect–ask anyone, and they’ll say “oh yeah, she says that almost every episode.”

However, it will blow viewers’ minds to know that Alexis only uttered her famous line THREE times throughout the whole series! You probably don’t believe us, so go right ahead and watch the series again–make it your next Netflix binge.

Maybe Alexis’ facial expressions just resemble an “ew” whenever she says the name “David”–because that’s something she actually says more than 200 times.