Now That ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is Over, Check out These Family Centric Comedy Series That Are Currently Streaming

We’ve known that the day was coming, but until it arrived, many were in denial. Now, Schitt’s Creek, the popular comedy from Eugene and Dan Levy, has aired its final episode. And it was tough to say goodbye to the Rose family.

Season 6 Schitt's Creek
‘Schitt’s Creek’ | Pop TV

During this time of staying inside and trying to remain entertained, not having new episodes of Schitt’s Creek is especially hard. Here are a few shows that can hopefully help, as each also has a focus on families doing their best to get by.

‘One Day at a Time’

Schitt’s Creek helped to make Pop TV, where it airs in the U.S., into a well-known service. The network now has another major title: One Day at a Time. The reboot sitcom aired for three seasons as a Netflix original, but was then canceled. Pop picked it up, and the fourth season is currently airing week-to-week there.

One Day at a Time depicts the Alvarez family, who, like the Roses, are living within their means in a confined location. Penelope Alvarez is a nurse and veteran, who is raising her two teenage children with the help of her mother and their nosy neighbor and landlord, Schneider. Seasons 1-3 are still on Netflix, while new episodes air Tuesdays at 9:30pm on Pop (and are available to be viewed later on the app with a cable subscription).

‘I’m Sorry’

For those who like their family comedies a little less PG, look no further than I’m Sorry. The series follows Andrea Warren, a comedy writer living in Los Angeles with her husband, Mike, and their daughter, Amelia. Her parents and brother also make frequent appearances, as it’s really just about Andrea’s life and those around her.

I’m Sorry features plenty of hilarious cameos from well-known comedians, and it’s definitely a sitcom for people who like to find humor in everyday situations. Both seasons are available to stream on Netflix, and it’s been renewed for a third season.

‘Arrested Development’

If you are specifically interested in shows about rich families who lose their wealth, Arrested Development might be the comedy you’re seeking. The series aired for three seasons on Fox from 2003-2006, but later got a new life on Netflix. Seasons 4 later aired in 2013, and Season 5 in 2018 and 2019.

For those who aren’t familiar, Arrested Development follows the Bluth family, consisting of real estate developer George Bluth Sr. and his wife Lucille along with their four adult children and two grandchildren. Unlike with the Rose family, the story isn’t quite so heartwarming here, but it is very funny.


The ABC sitcom Black-ish is a popular one, having aired for six seasons on the network. In fact, it spawned two spinoffs: Grown-ish, in which eldest daughter Zoey Johnson goes off to college, and Mixed-ish, which tells the story of matriarch Rainbow Johnson’s childhood. While the former has received quite a bit of attention, the newer spinoff also deserves praise.

Mixed-ish sees Rainbow, the eldest of three children, growing up in the 1980s. Though they try to help, her parents, grandfather, and aunt don’t truly understand what it’s like to be a mixed-race teenager. Like its predecessor, the sitcom offers teachable moments along with laughs and heartfelt proclamations. All episodes of Season 1 (that have aired) are available next day on Hulu.

‘3rd Rock From the Sun’

Taking it way back, there are a lot of family sitcoms available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and the like. One that doesn’t often get attention is 3rd Rock From the Sun, a sci-fi comedy starring John Lithgow and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role that made him famous.

The actors play two of four aliens who have taken human form, posing as a family in order to study life on Earth. The NBC sitcom features the usual wacky hi-jinks you can expect from ’90s fare. All six seasons are available to stream for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.