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Dan Levy makes an interesting comment during the Schitt’s Creek roundtable. In the discussion, Levy reveals he has always seen the show as more of a drama than a comedy. Even though Schitt’s Creek was one of the funniest shows on the air, the creator likes to consider his series to be more impactful than a standard comedic sitcom. Find out why. 

The 'Schitt's Creek' cast
Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Sarah Levy, Emily Hampshire, Noah Reid and Daniel Levy | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Dan Levy still can’t believe the series lasted for six seasons

During the roundtable, the series creator gushes about how long the series went on for. He thinks a show that gets more than one season is a “needle in a haystack” situation. That’s why he is still so grateful for Schitt’s Creek maintaining six whole seasons filled with laughs, tears, and epic wigs from Moira’s collection.

Catherine O’Hara, who plays the over-the-top Moira Rose, chimes in with her thoughts. Addressing the roundtable, she says that most TV shows get better and better as the seasons go on. She expresses how lucky she feels to be on a series that ran for as long as Schitt’s Creek. As O’Hara mentions in their table discussion, “the characters continue to become more developed and complex throughout each episode.”  

Dan Levy likes to think of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ as a drama before anything else   

Schitt’s Creek is one of the most hilarious shows to air on television. With David Rose’s exaggerated disdain for the general public, and Alexis’s wild stories involving her relationship woes with Jared Leto, this show seems like the perfect comedy. 

Yet Levy likes to consider Schitt’s Creek to be a drama at its core. 

During the roundtable discussion, Chris Elliott (Roland,) asks Levy if he considers the series to be a mixture of a comedy and a drama. As Elliot puts it, the show is “as real as it can get on TV,” while at the same time comedic.

Levy agrees, saying he never saw Schitt’s Creek as a sitcom while writing it, but more-so a drama.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara agree with Dan

The lovable parents on Schitt’s Creek agree that the show is a drama at its core. The eldest Levy expresses his opinion during the cast roundtable, saying, “You’re only as good as your last joke.” 

He continues, adding that regardless of how funny the lines are, what people really keep coming back for are the characters. Sure, fans of Schitt’s Creek are obsessed with the hilarious one-liners sprinkled throughout-

(Ew, David!)

– Yet the real reason we love the series isn’t because of the humor. It’s because of the Rose family. We come back for David, Johnny, Moira, and Alexis. 


‘Schitt’s Creek’: Dan Levy Says This Episode Was ‘The Most Challenging’ One to Write of the Whole Series

Levy said,

“You almost have to look at it as a drama to start with, to give your viewers and the audience something to latch onto. People latch onto comedy and jokes, that’s one thing, but you’re only as funny as your last joke. The audience really gets behind the storylines of every character. It’s kind of thickened out over the years, where audiences really got behind the storylines and the development of these characters.”

“If you have the drama, then the jokes are more organic,” O’Hara replies. “It’s a deeper laugh when you care about the character.”