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Dan Levy and Eugene Levy are comedic legends on Schitt’s Creek. If it wasn’t for Dan’s decision to work with his father, who knows if our favorite show would even exist? It’s safe to say The Rose Family wouldn’t be the same without both Levys involved. Yet Dan admits that he avoided working with his father, Eugene, for the longest time. Keep reading to find out why.

Dan Levy and Eugene Levy
Dan Levy and Eugene Levy | Mark Sagliocco/FilmMagic

Dan and Eugene aren’t the only real-life family members on the show

Fans of Schitt’s Creek were excited to learn that Dan and Eugene are father and son in real life. Yet the two of them aren’t the only Levy family members on the series. Not only are Dan and Eugene related, but the actress who plays Twyla is also a member of the Levy tribe. Played by Sarah Levy, she is Dan’s real-life sister as well as Eugene’s real-life daughter.

In addition, the role of Alexis was originally going to be played by Chris Elliot’s daughter, Abby Elliot. (Chris plays Roland on the series.) Prior to the show picking up, Abby got booked another job. Because of this, Annie Murphy ended up landing the role of the spoiled socialite.

The ‘Schitt’s Creek’ stars avoided working together ‘for the longest time.’

Dan admits that he avoided working with Eugene “for the longest time.” In an interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, he explains why he hasn’t worked with Eugene in the past.

According to Dan, he confesses,

“For a long time, I avoided any kind of association with him… I feel like this industry is incredibly unforgiving when it comes to nepotism.”

Furthermore, he explains why he feels a need to prove his worth as a creator. Dan wants to be recognized for his own hard work, as opposed to simply being known as “the son of someone famous.” Not wanting the public to assume he only found success because of his father, he avoided working with him for years. However, it’s safe to say that Schitt’s Creek wouldn’t exist without Dan’s willingness to collaborate with Eugene.

Dan Levy considers his father to be an ‘exceptional role model’


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In an interview with Variety, Dan praises his father in the sweetest way possible. He says Eugene is an “exceptional role model” and that he hopes he can uphold the same reputation as his father. In addition, he adds how “warm” his dad is on set, noting that he creates a “safe space” to work in. Dan continues, saying that his father produces an environment where it is “okay to mess up.”

Additionally, Dan expresses his belief that there’s “not a single person in Hollywood who would have anything bad to say about him.”

Dan furthers his point, saying,

“It’s amazing to know that my dad and my sister and I have this chapter of our lives documented on film. I talk to people all the time who say, ‘I don’t know how you can work with your parents, I’d just lose my mind.’ I feel like my dad and I have really managed to navigate six years of working together.”