Scott Disick Called Out for Teen Romances Amid New Amelia Hamlin Fling: ‘I’m Disgusted’

Scott Disick is back in the news for his love life. Rumors have been swirling that he’s dating 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin, the daughter of TV star Lisa Rinna. But the news has received mixed reactions. While some fans are glad to see him living and enjoying life, others have called him out for what they say is a pattern of dating much younger women.

Scott Disick at an event
Scott Disick at an event in July 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images North America

The media recently linked Scott Disick to Amelia Hamlin

Disick, 37, was linked to Hamlin in late October when they were seen at a Halloween party together. They were later seen on what appeared to be a dinner date and were caught showing PDA during a beach outing in mid-November.

So far, Disick has not commented on the nature of his relationship with Hamlin, but a source told Us Weekly that it’s “nothing serious” and that the two are simply having fun together.

The news comes after he went out on dates with models Bella Banos, 24, and Megan Blake Irwin, 28, and follows his relationship with Sofia Richie, whom he dated for over two years beginning in 2017 when she was 19.

Scott Disick at an event
Scott Disick at an event in November 2018 in Melbourne, Australia | Sam Tabone/WireImage

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Scott Disick’s dating history is raising eyebrows

While Disick has dated women of many different age groups — from Kourtney Kardashian, 41, to Chloé Bartoli, 30 — fans have noted that his preference in recent years has seemingly been younger girls. And even though the women are of legal age, some social media users say it still feels “creepy” and “predatory” for Disick to date people with such a large age-gap.

“Scott Disick consistently dating women younger than 20 is SICKENING,” read one tweet.

“Not scott disick dating a 19 year old I’m disgusted,” said another.

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As the tweets poured in, Disick began trending on Twitter on the morning of Nov. 17. But so far, he has not addressed the controversy.

However, some people defended Scott Disick

For all the backlash, there seemed to be an equal amount of support. One person was stunned to see all the attention the news received given Disick and Hamlin’s ages, writing in part, “Y’all really got Scott Disick trending. If y’all don’t stop. The girl is grown. 19 is grown.”

Echoing that, a second defender wrote, “I hate that people are so ageist. Wtf does it matter that Scott Disick is 37 dating a 19 year old. Y’all need to stop being so close minded and ignorant. I’ve been dating someone double my age since I was 21. Like y’all need to get this narrative of ‘grooming’ outta your heads.”

Then there were some people who were truly indifferent to the news, with another person tweeting, “I really don’t give a single f*ck who Scott Disick is dating, people are dying yall.”