‘Scream 5’ Theory: Sidney Prescott Survives, but This Character Dies

Scream is a legendary horror movie franchise fueled by iconic characters. Many fans are excited to see Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox on the silver screen in Scream 5. Still, there’s a palpable concern regarding who dies in the new movie. We have good reason to believe Sidney Prescott won’t die in Scream 5. But there’s another major Scream character we don’t think stands a chance. 

Neve Campbell, who plays Sidney Prescott, poses for a photo at the 'Scream 4' premiere
Neve Campbell | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The original three connect with the descendants of Ghostface’s victims 

In the new Scream movie, the core three — Sidney, Dewey, and Gale — all get pulled back into the narrative. When Sam (Melissa Barrera) becomes Ghostface’s target, she seeks out Dewey (Arquette).

As someone with a history of dealing with the Ghostface killer, Sam trusts Dewey. “Dewey is pulled back in because he’s still got a huge heart and really wants to help,” Arquette told One Media. 

Sidney Prescott will survive in ‘Scream 5’ because she is a mom 

In the clip from One Media, Sidney Prescott is jogging with a stroller, implying she has become a mother. As the lead scream queen in the franchise and newly minted mom, we can’t see Sidney getting killed off in the new movie. Many fans agree with us. 

One Scream fan on Reddit pointed out that one of the core trio has to go in the new Scream installment. “Either Sid, Gale, or Dewey will die,” one Reddit user said. “Before Wes Craven died, he mentioned a potential sequel to Scream 4, and he specifically said that one of the trio would need to die next time out. If they’re respecting his legacy, someone will definitely die. I hope it’s not Sidney, because she’s the ultimate survivor.”

“I don’t really think she’d be the one to go if we knew for a fact one of the trio dies,” another Reddit user wrote. “The death of either Gale or Dewey would fuel Sidney and spur more character development.” What’s more, if Kevin Williamson is planning more Scream installments, as he alluded to in an Interview with to Us Weekly, he’ll need Sidney to pull fans back in. 

Dewey dies in ‘Scream 5’ 

In the clips from One Media, Gale Riley (née. Weathers) appears screaming as someone holds her back. As Cox told One Media: “There’s things that happen in this that are kind of shocking. I still can’t believe it.” 

Dewey and Gale’s relationship has always been at the epicenter of the Scream films. Their characters were destined to fall in love and be together. And while their relationship is on the rocks in Scream 4, that doesn’t mean Gale wouldn’t react any differently if she were to find out about or witness Dewey’s death. Based on Gale’s reaction in the all-too-brief clip above, we think she’s going to find out about Dewey dying in Scream 5

“I think Dewey will be the one to finally meet his maker,” reads a comment on Reddit discussing the possibility of deaths in the new film. We’ll have to wait until 2022 to find out. 

See Scream 5 in theaters beginning Jan. 14, 2022.

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