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For horror fans who believed they missed out on the latest Scream sequel, you did not, because it’s currently in development.

The franchise had a few false starts in terms of parts 5 and 6, and after Scream 4 received lukewarm reviews, the idea sort of fizzled out. But Ghostface is coming back, and he’ll be joined by a few familiar foes, including Courteney Cox’s Gale.

'Scream' actors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette
‘Scream’ actors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette | John Shearer/WireImage/Getty Images

‘Scream 5’ was confirmed in 2019

Scream originators Kevin Williamson and the late Wes Craven never seemed to confirm any more lives for the film franchise after Scream 4, which was released in 2011.

Since then, MTV launched its own branch with a Scream TV show, a Ghostface-branded series without direct ties to the movies.

But a film reboot seemed destined to happen, and in November 2019, it was reported that a sequel is in the works. Bloody Disgusting broke the news that Spyglass Media Group bought the rights for the franchise and greenlit Scream 5. At the time, it was unknown whether Williamson or any of the original cast members would return.

Courteney Cox signs on for ‘Scream 5’

Nearly a decade after the last Scream film, Woodsboro’s most famous murderer is being resurrected, and some of the town’s residents are still around.

Gale Weathers (Riley) is due back on the scene courtesy of Courteney Cox, who brought the hungry reporter to life in all four films. As one of the only characters to survive all the murder sprees, her appearance makes total sense.

Deadline reported that Cox is joining ex-husband David Arquette in the cast as he too is reprising his role as Dewey Riley. Arquette signed on back in May.

Can you believe it’s been almost 25 years since Gale and Dewey linked up? Their characters met in the first film and turned into an unlikely heroic team, pairing the clueless deputy with Cox’s Gale Weathers-turned-Riley.

Arquette’s casting announcement acknowledged Craven’s impact in the horror genre and for Scream. “I am thrilled to be playing Dewey again and to reunite with my Scream family, old and new,” he said in a statement. “Scream has been such a big part of my life, and for both the fans and myself, I look forward to honoring Wes Craven’s legacy.”

What else is known about ‘Scream 5’?

Per Deadline, Williamson and his team at Radio Silence are executive producing the new flick, but it’s not clear if he is writing the screenplay. Production is set to launch in Wilmington, North Carolina this year, switching things up from previous filming locations in California.

Initial reports said the movie will pay fan service and honor Craven, and if all goes according to plan, other original cast members will return. That wish list includes Neve Campbell as Sydney Prescott.

During a May interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Campbell said she was in early negotiations about joining the project, but optimistic about working with a team that wants to respect Craven’s legacy.


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Sydney Prescott could very well show up. As COVID-19 continues to affect production plans, fans will have to stay tuned for more Scream 5 news.