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Horror film Scream and The Princess Diaries star Heather Matarazzo recently said she wrote a series of dark and upsetting tweets after feeling like she hit a career rock bottom.

Feeling frustrated, Matarazzo tweeted about constantly struggling in her 30-year acting career. And that “I’ve given my life to acting for over 30 years. And am done struggling just to survive…” Adding, “I just need a win. A life-changing win. Cause this ain’t it. F***.”

Many fans were worried about Matarazzo’s mental health. And she said she was at an extremely low point in her life – but there was a reason why she was so frustrated.

‘Scream’ star said she’s ‘fluent’ in rejection

Matarazzo said the tweets, which she ultimately deleted, were triggered when a huge acting job evaporated. “Oh, it went away. It completely went away,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.  “And I was in a dark space for a few months. It was heartbreaking, you know? And also I am so used to it because rejection is like the name of the game in this industry.”

Scream star Heather Matarazzo walked the red carpet in 2016
Heather Matarazzo |David Livingston/Getty Images

“I am fluent in rejection,” she continued. “I don’t normally get upset or whatever. Because I think it’s like, OK the universe is being like redirection, this is not for you. But it hits a little different when it is for you and you know it’s for you. And then, the decision that was made has nothing to do with you and has to do with executives that are making fear-based decisions because of shareholders.”

Heather Matarazzo literally had a big role that was taken from her

Matarazzo emphasized that the opportunity that disappeared was literally life-changing. “This was something that I felt that I had rightfully earned and was unceremoniously ripped out from under me, in, in 24 hours,” she said.


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Adding later in the interview, “Especially after a year, especially after dealing with it for a year and again, and again, it would’ve been different if I hadn’t been actually offered the role,” she said. “It wasn’t, we’re in contention between you and someone else. It was congratulations. Can she leave the day after tomorrow? We’re in the middle of getting the contracts figured out and then 24 hours later.”

Frustration led Heather to tweet about the big job loss

The bottom line is the Scream star had a bad day on Twitter. “And on top of that, when you’ve dedicated yourself to something for such a long time, you know, and I know I’m good,” she said about her career as an actor. “There’s always room for me to get better obviously, which is why I desire to continually be in that middle space where I get to work with people that elevate my performance and I also get to elevate others. It’s a communion like it really is.” 

“And yeah, so again, the great news is that you never know what the day is going to bring, you know?” she said. “And I think that I’ve had enough experiences in my life that even if my ego feels a bit bruised and even if there are parts of self that feel very disappointed, there is a deeper space of knowing that I’m most certainly here to do more. How that is going to manifest and what that is going to look like, I personally have no idea, but I am open to what that is going to look like.”