‘Scrubs’: Is There a Character That Appears In Every Single Episode?

Scrubs is an American sitcom-medical drama that follows the lives of Sacred Heart Hospital’s employees. The medical drama has a big cast, and it is because, in the 9th season, a new cast was brought onto the TV show. Today we find out whether there is a character that is featured in all episodes.

(L-R) Judy Reyes, producer Bill Lawrence, Ken Jenkins, Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, Neil Flynn, Donald Faison and John C. McGinley smiling in front of a cake celebrating the 100th episode
(L-R) Judy Reyes, producer Bill Lawrence, Ken Jenkins, Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, Neil Flynn, Donald Faison, and John C. McGinley | E. Charbonneau/Getty Images

Who are the characters of ‘Scrubs’?

The cast was recurring in the eight seasons, and then a new cast was introduced in the 9th season. Prior to that, the cast was made up of Zach Braff, playing the daydreaming doctor, Dr. John Dorian. The other cast members include Donald Faison as Dr. Turk, Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid, Robert Maschio as The Todd, Neil Flynn as the janitor, Judy Reyes as Carla, John C. McGinley as Dr.Cox, and Ken Jenkins as Dr. Kelso.

Fans will remember this cast forever; the cast brought about the success of the show. There were excellent in the delivery of lines, and it is a show where you could laugh out loud and find yourself crying in the next minute. It is a sitcom that follows a well-laid plot, something that many sitcoms fail to achieve.

What is the original cast of ‘Scrubs’ doing?

It has been 10 years since the last episode of Scrubs was released. Most of the cast members are still in the show business. Braff, in 2018 produced and starred in the ABC TV show Alex, Inc. as Alex Schuman. Judy Reyes has been a shining light in the industry by getting roles in major TV shows such as Devious Maids, One Day at a Time, Claws, and Succession.

However, one cast member did venture into something different. Maschio, as can be seen on his Twitter profile, is now a real estate broker.

Who is the cast featured in the 9th season of ‘Scrubs’?

Season 9 was a strange season for fans. No one knew why it was added in the first place because it seemed as if the season eight finale was the end of the TV show. When it was renewed for the 9th season, it did seem like a spinoff rather than a new season. 

A fan on Reddit points this out by saying, “It was really more a spinoff than another season.” In the 9th season, the main characters were not regular cast members, except Braff and McGinley.

The new regular characters were Kelly Bishe as Lucy Bennet, Eliza Coupe as Denise Mahoney, Dave Franco as Cole Aaronson, and Michael Mosley as Drew Suffin. While the new characters weren’t the original cast, the 9th season was far from disappointing.


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Is there a character that appears in every single episode?

Simply put, the answer is no. According to BuzzFeed, the characters in Scrubs featuring in most of the episodes are Dr. Cox and Turk, and they did not appear in three episodes of the sitcom. The ninth season played a big part in this, as they got rid of most of the characters. Many argue that there was no need to have season 9, while others say that it is a failed spinoff. Whichever the case, Scrubs did light up our days, and we appreciate all the casts that made it a success.