‘Scrubs’: Judy Reyes Says She Got Embarrassed After Filming a Kissing Scene With Donald Faison

Sometimes kissing scenes don’t go over well between co-stars. Judy Reyes and Donald Faison played a couple for many years on Scrubs. But they revealed their first big kissing scene ended with her getting embarrassed.

Donald Faison joked that Judy Reyes is like an ex

Donald Faison as Dr. Christopher Turk, Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinoza on 'Scrubs'
Donald Faison as Dr. Christopher Turk, Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinoza on ‘Scrubs’ Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Faison was excited to have Reyes on as a guest on the podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends. She came on to talk about the episode “My Fifteen Minutes.”

The actor started the episode by talking about Turk and Carla’s relationship. “You want to talk about a good relationship on televison and you want to talk about a relationship especially at the time we were filming it, I really needed a relationship like that,” he said.

Faison made it clear that he’s in a happy relationship now. “But when I think of Turk and Carla I think of Carla and you too Judy, as like an ex of mine, even thought it was just work,” he revealed. “It’s like I have so many fond memories and I ruined it and I spoiled it by the show going off the air,” he said making co-host Zach Braff laugh.

Braff asked him what he feels when he sees Reyes now. “I get the vapors,” Faison said. He then added, “When I’m watching Scrubs now I’m like ‘Oh my gosh she’s so fine. What was I thinking? What did I do? How did I let that go?'”

Reyes joked, “You know that’s OK. Carla always knew it. What do I have to do to get this guy to see what he has?”

Faison said fans also won’t let him forget about Carla. He said whenever he posts a picture of his kids they write that they don’t look like her. “Yeah, Donald always gets harassed,” Braff said.

She got embarrassed after filming a kissing scene for ‘Scrubs’

Faison and Reyes talked about filming a make out scene together. It didn’t sound like it started off on the best foot.

“You had smoked cigarettes right before it,” Faison said. He later added, “But since then we’ve smoked so many cigarettes together.”

Reyes said she felt very comfortable with Faison. “I don’t think that I’ve ever had a kissing scene like that before where we’re just like making out and I stuck my tongue in his mouth,” she said. “You did that a lot!” Faison said.

Braff then revealed what Faison did after filming. “Judy, didn’t Donald start walking around bragging to everyone? ‘I got tongue!'” he said.

Reyes said it happened for their first time then he told everyone. “I was embarrassed this motherf*cker goes ‘Yo! You shoved your tongue in my mouth!'” she said. She had no clue she wasn’t supposed to do that when filming the scene.

Reyes claimed it never happened again when Faison said it did. “I can show you the episode because I remember one episode we’re making out and the girl I was dating at the time was like ‘Well, this is awkward,'” he said. The actor said it was supposed to be a scripted sloppy kiss and J.D. says something about it. “Well, because it’s scripted,” said Reyes.

Faison said he wouldn’t rat out Reyes now. “I’m sorry,” Faison said to Reyes. “I did f*ck up,” he admitted. It seems like Faison and Reyes still enjoy talking to each other about their time together today.