A Look Back at the Life and Career of Sean Connery

Sean Connery, the first actor to play James Bond, died October 31, 2020, at the age of 90. Celebrities and fans flooded social media with tributes. Here’s a look at Connery’s life and career.

Sean Connery’s movies and TV shows

Sean Connery |Toni Anne Barson Archive/WireImage
Sean Connery |Toni Anne Barson Archive/WireImage

Connery made his film acting debut in 1954 in the movie Let’s Make Up. After that, he appeared in a 1956 episode of the television series Dixon of Dock Green titled “Ladies of the Manor.” In 1957, he went on to star in the film No Road Back. Connery made his debut as James Bond when he starred in the 1962 film Dr. No. He followed that performance with the 1963 movie From Russia with Love.

Connery is also known for his starring roles in Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), The Presidio (1988), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), The Hunt for Red October (1990), and Entrapment (1999). One of Connery’s last on-screen acting roles was in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), in which he played the character Allan Quartermain.

Sean Connery’s highest-grossing films

Connery’s highest-grossing film is the 1989 movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, with worldwide box-office earnings of more than $474 million. This includes more than $197 million in domestic box-office earnings and $277 million in international box-office earnings.

Connery’s other high-grossing films include The Rock, with more than $336 million in worldwide box office earnings; Entrapment, with $211.7 million in worldwide box office earnings; The Hunt for Red October, with $200.5 million in worldwide box-office earnings; and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with $179.2 million in worldwide box-office earnings.

Sean Connery’s awards

Connery has received many awards for his acting. In 1972, he won a Golden Globe Henrietta Award for World Film Favorite. This award was given to an outstanding actor based on the results of a global survey conducted by Reuters. The honor was given until 1980. In 1996, Connery received a Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Connery is also a Tony Award winner. He produced the play Art, which won the Best Play category in 1998. That same year, he received a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor in the film The Untouchables. The following year, Connery was celebrated at the Kennedy Center Honors.  

Sean Connery’s work outside of acting

The James Bond star also has credits as a director and producer. Connery made his directorial debut with the 1967 documentary The Bowler and the Bunnet.  He also made his production debut with this film. After this project, Connery produced many films, including Medicine Man, Rising Sun, The Rock, Entrapment, and Finding Forrester.

Sean Connery’s net worth

At the time of his death, Connery had a net worth of $350 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates.

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