Season 16 of ‘Sister Wives’ Is Shaping up to Chronicle Drama Fans Already Know About

TLC has put rumors of a Sister Wives cancelation to bed. The network just announced that season 16 will premiere in November, and it promises to pick up just where fans left off in season 15. While TLC seems to be hinting at brand new drama for the Brown family, fans of the show are unlikely to feel inspired. The network’s press release confirms what fans have known for months; the Brown family is still spiraling out of control.

TLC has announced season 16 of ‘Sister Wives’

For several months, Sister Wives fans feared season 15 would be the show’s last. It ended on a huge cliffhanger, but viewers could catch up with the Browns on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Thankfully for fans, they’ll get to enjoy at least one more season of the Brown family’s drama.

Christine Brown, Janelle Brow, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown pose for promotional photos for their reality TV show, 'Sister Wives'
The cast of ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

According to Deadline, the show is set to premiere on November 21, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. While TLC has a habit of moving premiere dates around to fit their needs, season 16 of Sister Wives will premiere at a special time for the series. In years past, the family has graced TV screens at the beginning of the year. Season 15, for example, premiered in February 2021, and season 14 was released in January 2020.

‘Sister Wives’ will pick up where fans last left the Brown family

Season 16 of Sister Wives promises to bring new drama for Brown family followers to digest, but it seems like the same old story. Several sources say season 16 of Sister Wives will pick up where fans last left the Browns. They’ll still be struggling with coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols, and they’ll also grapple with the growing drama between Kody and several of his wives, who feel they aren’t getting the time and attention they need.

According to TLC’s official statement, building on Coyote Pass will once again take center stage. While the press release promises some new and interesting information, it seems that much of what will go on with the Brown family is old news. Brown family followers are already aware of the marital strife between Kody and his third wife, Christine Brown. They are intimately acquainted with Kody and Meri Brown’s non-existent romance, too. Based on Instagram photos, they also know that Coyote Pass still has not been built on and that Christine looks ready to make serious real estate moves.

Are multiple wives considering leaving Kody Brown as the press release suggests?

According to TLC’s official press release, the upcoming season could find two wives grappling with staying with the Brown family or deciding to go it alone. The network’s statement didn’t name any names, but, once again, fans can easily read between the lines. When season 15 of Sister Wives ended, Christine was adamant that she was no longer interested in being married to Kody. Meri and Kody have also been on the outs.

Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown appear on 'Good Morning America' in 2011
Kody Brown with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

While season 16 of Sister Wives will deal with the Browns and their lives last year, social media is cluing fans in on the present day. In recent months, Christine has been spending an excessive amount of time outside of Arizona, Brown family followers have noticed. The decision to sell her Arizona home also seems to indicate a big move is on the horizon. It seems safe to say, Christine and Kody’s marriage is either over or still incredibly troubled.

Similar to Christine, Meri seems to be spending less and less time at her Arizona home. A Reddit user passed by Meri’s Parowan, Utah bed and breakfast and noted her car still has Arizona license plates. Still, her vehicle registration appears to be the only thing tying her to the state. Meri has given fans a glimpse into her life on Instagram Live recently. It didn’t take them long to realize she seems to be staying in Utah more often than not.

Fans largely assume Meri and Christine will be the wives Kody battles with. Tension between Kody and his other two wives, at least enough to cause a massive rift, seems unlikely. Still, there is no telling what will happen. Perhaps TLC will throw fans a curveball.

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