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The Challenge final began with The Tribunal choosing the last person to compete in an elimination round. The second half of the race included traversing through sand dunes, playing Connect Four, and kayaking. Also, T.J. Lavin finally revealed The Challenge winner.

The Challenge final Season 33
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What happened in ‘The Challenge’ final?

The top three competitors from the first half of The Challenge final, Theo, Wes, and Turbo, became The Tribunal and voted in a contestant to go on The Killing Floor. The Tribunal unanimously selected Hunter, and he chose to compete against Ninja Natalie. Hunter’s leg cramped up, so Natalie ended up winning, much to the dismay of Cara Maria.
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The next part of The Challenge final included everyone’s favorite, trivia. Cara Maria either already knew or guessed that The Nile is the longest river in the world, so she won that checkpoint. Therefore, Cara Maria received a mile ride in a dune buggy through the dunes to the next stop, a game of Connect Four. However, the rules read that she had to wait for the next opponent to arrive before attempting the game.

Turbo was the first person to Cara Maria, and he immediately won the game. Theo and Ninja were the next to arrive, who also beat Cara Maria, and they advanced as well. Cara Maria finally defeated Wes and moved on.

A food challenge was next for the final contestants, all of whom hadn’t eaten for 24 hours. Turbo arrived at the checkpoint first, allowing him to either eat or assign the meals to his other competitors. Turbo chose the latter and gave Cara Maria a peanut butter sandwich and banana, while he appointed several plates to Wes.

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After everyone finishes their meal, they race down dunes and believe they have reached the end. However, an 18-wheeler semi truck transported the competitors to the last leg of The Challenge final. First, they must race five miles down a beach while solving a math equation. Then, the competitors approach poles with kayaks chained to them by number locks. The answer to the math problem is the code to open the locks and release the kayaks.

Then, the contestants kayak to the other side of the river, where it’s a sprint to the finish line. However, there are only four kayaks and five competitors remaining. Therefore, the last person to solve the problem will not progress in the competition.

Turbo is first to unlock his kayak, followed by Wes, and Ninja. Alliance members and former partners, Theo and Cara Maria, compete for the last kayak. While Cara Maria runs back to attempt the problem again, Theo inputs several numbers in the lock, finally gets it correct and eliminates Cara Maria.

Who won ‘The Challenge’ final?

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Track star, Theo, is the first to finish the sprint, followed closely by Turbo, then Natalie, and finally Wes. The best overall time from both legs of The Challenge final will be the winner. Ninja (USA) came in fourth place, followed by Wes (USA) ho received $50,000. Theo (UK) came in second place and won $200,000. The winner of The Challenge 33: War of the Worlds is Turbo, representing Turkey, and he takes home $750,000.