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TLC’s runaway success Sister Wives led to a bevy of shows that explore the concept of polygamy. TLC itself launched Seeking Sister Wife last year, and fans have been enthralled with the couples featured on the show since. Seeking Sister Wife follows the journey of adding a new sister wife to the family, but is there more to the families than meets the eye?

Ashley Kapri and Dimitri Snowden seem like a perfectly normal couple; except one thing. The couple is looking to expand their family by bringing in a sister wife. The couple, who are now courting a Seattle-based woman named Vanessa Cobb, have been seeking a sister wife for some time. In fact, Vanessa isn’t the first sister wife prospect. In Season one of Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri and Ashley courted Joselyn, but all did not go as planned, and Joselyn was nixed as a potential sister wife. While Joselyn walked off into the sunset, another woman has come forward to spill some tea about the Snowden household and how things really go down.

What happened with Joselyn?

During the first season of Seeking Sister Wife, Snowden began courting Joselyn. While Snowden and Kapri are both interested in adding another wife to the household, Kapri has set forth rules for her significant other. In short, Snowden cannot be physically intimate with the new wife, unless Kapri gives her explicit okay.

Snowden broke the rules with Joselyn when he allegedly slept with her after their first date. According to In Touch, Kapri took to social media to defend Snowden after fans began to accuse him of cheating on his wife. Apparently, Kapri and Snowden have moved past the incident but fans are still giving Snowden the side-eye, and the latest allegations about Kapri and Snowden are doing little to buoy fan’s opinions of the man of the house.

Joselyn is no longer involved with the family. She has since moved on and wishes to remain out of the spotlight.

A woman named Kelly Anne accuses the couple of odd behavior

In a lengthy Facebook post obtained by Soap Dirt, a woman by the name of Kelly Anne accuses the couple of misrepresenting the nature of the relationship they are seeking. According to the whistleblower, Dimitri and Ashley are more interested in a polyamorous relationship rather than a polygamist relationship.

She goes on to accuse Kapri of kicking her out of the home and saying terrible things about her and her children. She also alleges that Dimitri is rude and nasty behind closed doors, specifically to Kapri. 

Whether Snowden and Kapri really had a relationship with the whistleblower is not known. The poster, who goes only by her first name, did not offer proof that she’s ever been involved with the pair. Kapri and Snowden have not commented on the allegations.

Why are Snowden and Kapri seeking a sister wife?

Kapri and Snowden have caught the attention of Seeking Sister Wife fans because their story is somewhat unique. Unlike other families who are interested in polygamist living, Kapri and Snowden are not Mormons. There is no religious reason for their desire for polygamy.

Instead, Kapri and Snowden explain that they are interested in adding a sister wife to grow their family. Kapri, who was pregnant with the couple’s third child when the show premiered, doesn’t wish to have more children, but Snowden does. Adding a sister wife would allow their family to grow. Kapri also claims she is interested in the companionship of a sister wife.