‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Brandy’s Bombshell About Bernie Leaves Paige Fuming

The Brown Family of Sister Wives is not the only plural family that can bring the drama.  Seeking Sister Wife cast members Bernie and Paige McGee, brought a massive dose of excitement to the show’s tell-all special when their love interest, Brandy was brought out on stage. Things didn’t pan out for Brandy and the McGee’s, partially due to Paige’s jealous, but the mother of four had no idea just how far things had gotten between her husband and Brandy. When Brandy decided to dish, Paige stormed off stage.

What did Brandy and Bernie do that has Paige so upset?

During the show’s tell-all special, Bernie was quizzed about his relationship with Brandy. He was asked straight up if the two had been physical with one another, and he insisted it never happened. After all, McGee’s wife, Paige placed a moratorium on physical contact between the potential pair. In fact, Brandy and Bernie were merely supposed to be getting to know each other.

Well, according to Brandy, they certainly got to know each other. When brought out on stage, Brandy suggested the pair had gotten frisky on their first date.  Brandy claims that they had a full-on make-out session; completely with a hickey while checking out the backyard. She even suggested that she had to put the brakes on the situation to ensure the couple didn’t seal the deal. 

Paige doesn’t believe Brandy

While Brandy laid out the details of her encounter with Bernie, Paige looked literally stunned. Bernie, for his part, admitted that they shared a kiss but also suggested it was nowhere near as salacious as Brandy was making it out to be. According to In Touch, Paige sided with her husband, claiming that Brandy was clearly making the entire thing up. Once Brandy suggested that Bernie tried to bend her over a chair, Paige stormed off set.

While Paige may have suggested she didn’t believe Brandy to save face, it’s evident that she has some severe issues with jealousy. In fact, fans have long questioned whether a plural lifestyle is fitting for the family.

Why are the McGees looking for a sister wife?

The McGees are interesting to viewers because they, like the Snowden family, are not seeking to add to their family for religious reasons. The McGee’s originally described their religious background as Messianic. They noted they were booted from their church after they made their polygamist intentions known. The McGee’s are actually looking to add a wife to their family for children.

Bernie and Paige share four children, including two sons from Paige’s previous relationship. The older boys are out of the house, and now the pair has concerns about becoming empty-nesters. Allegedly they have been seeking a sister wife for a few years to help them bring more children into the family.