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In the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 finale, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield feel abandoned by their second wife, Roberta, after she breaks up with them with a text message. This came after the Merrifields reportedly sent Roberta a significant amount of money. Dannielle and Garrick believed that Roberta scammed them.

Roberta Pache cries as she talks with her fiancé, Garrick, and her sister wife, and Dannielle Merrifield on the beach during 'Seeking Sister Wife' Season 4.
Roberta Pache, Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 | TLC

Roberta breaks up with Garrick and Dannielle via text message on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

On the Sept. 5 Seeking Sister Wife finale, Roberta breaks up with Garrick and Dannielle. “Before the crew arrived to film Roberta’s arrival to the U.S., Garrick, and Dannielle received an unexpected text…” the title card reads.

In a video captured in the moments after Roberta broke up with the Merrifields, Dannielle is sobbing and screaming. “I don’t understand. She said she was my sister! She lied. She never loved me,” Dannielle cried.

Garrick and Dannielle sat down with the cameras and explained the situation. Roberta had changed her mind about moving to Colorado and sent them a text message explaining why. In the message, Roberta tells the Merrifields that after she found out about Garrick kissing Lea, she couldn’t “feel the same as before.”

“I’m definitely devastated. My heart hurts. Yeah, I mean, I gave my whole heart to her. My family did. I’m devastated that she couldn’t love us back,” Garrick told the cameras.

Garrick and Dannielle sent Roberta thousands of dollars

After three and a half years of commitment, Dannielle and Garrick are heartbroken by Roberta’s message. Not only do they feel betrayed emotionally, but financially as well. “I’m so hurt, and I’m so angry at the same time,” Dannielle said.

She revealed that as she was trying to plan Roberta and Garrick’s wedding, she wasn’t getting any feedback from Roberta. Garrick begins getting suspicious. “It’s like she plotted this the whole time,” Garrick suggests to Dannielle.

During a conversation with friends and family, Garrick revealed that he sent Roberta a “large sum of money” before coming to the US. “After the money cleared her bank account, the next morning is when I got the message that she wasn’t coming,” Garrick revealed. Garrick said he had sent her $9,800 before she dumped them.

Dannielle and Garrick think that Roberta scammed them

Now with the benefit of hindsight, Dannielle can see the red flags they missed. “Was she just using me for money the whole time?” Dannielle says. On top of the $9,800, Dannielle and Garrick reveal that they have been sending her money every month to help take care of her and her mother.


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“For over three years now, we had sent her quite a large sum of money a month. It was thousands of dollars. Definitely thousands and thousands,” Dannielle reveals. Her family tells them that they were scammed by Roberta, saying they’re the type of person scammers target.

The Merrifields haven’t given up hope on their search for the perfect sister wife. “I just pray this next time that it’s a sincere, faithful, trustworthy person,” Garrick tells the cameras. As it turns out, the Merrifields are now dating another woman in Brazil, whom they will meet soon in Mexico, just like they did for Roberta. Hopefully, history doesn’t repeat itself.