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Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 features the returning family, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield who are still seeking out a sister wife (or four). Now, it’s Dannielle who is pushing Garrick to start courting a third wife before Roberta gets to the United States.

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield sitting together on a couch on the set of 'Seeking Sister Wife' Season 4 on TLC.
Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 | TLC

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ journey

This Christian couple believes that God told them to practice polygamy four years ago. Garrick and Danielle’s choice to live a plural lifestyle caused many issues including Garricks’ family disowning him. Despite this, they continue their search for more wives to add to the family.

Garrick explained, “Polygamy is really something we felt God led us to. We believe that it’s a reflection of how he is with his church. He has multiple people and he loves them all equally and the same.” Dannielle chimed in, “It’s about not limiting love and babies. Having a family, a big family.”

In earlier seasons, Garrick and Dannielle started looking for a sister wife online. Three years ago, they met a woman named Roberta (Bert), who lives in Brazil. They traveled there to meet Roberta. During that trip is when she and Garrick got engaged.

However, to get Roberta to Colorado, Danielle and Garrick had to divorce to file for a fiancé visa for Roberta. A year ago, the three of them met in Mexico for a commitment ceremony, where they pledged their commitment to each other with God as their witness.

Danielle pushes Garrick to start courting a 3rd wife

During the premiere episode of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 which aired on June 6, Garrick revealed that Danielle wanted to start the search for a third wife. Garrick said, “Dannielle approached me and said, ‘Hey I think maybe God wants us to have another wife.’ I was shocked.” Check out the Seeking Sister Wife clip below (via Instagram):

Danielle explained that the news that they were going to start seeking more wives for Garrick was a shock to Roberta. According to Dannielle, Roberta “is wanting to settle down first before a third comes.”

She said, “I explained to her that the third wife would help balance out the fact that, if Bert’s with Garrick, then I have someone to support me and we can do things together and vice versa, so we’re not alone.”

Danielle is worried that Roberta will be jealous

As Seeking Sister Wife fans know, Danielle had to deal with a lot of jealousy over the last three years that Garrick and Danielle have had a relationship. Danielle explained, “When we first started living plural, I dealt with a lot of jealousy. And finding Roberta definitely made me address a lot of insecurities.” However, Danielle believes that the jealousy will come back this time around.

She said, “I think there’ll definitely be an adjustment with a third coming in and I think it will be maybe a little more challenging for Roberta being on the opposite end of that.”


‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4: Meet the 3 New Polygamist Families (and See Who’s Returning)

For the last three weeks, Danielle and Garrick have been courting a potential third sister-wife, Lea. The two meet up with her in person for the first time in California. Danielle revealed that Garrick dating Lea has caused Roberta to become “very insecure and jealous.”

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans believe that Danielle pushing Garrick to start dating a potential third wife could be an attempt to get back at Roberta. It’s going to be interesting to see how season 4 will pan out with all of the new additions to the Merrifield family.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 premieres on June 6 at 10 pm EST on TLC.