‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dannielle Merrifield’s Instagram Reveal Insecurities According to Worried Fans: Garrick ‘Killed Her Confidence’

Drama is the bread and butter for many reality TV shows, and TLC has the playbook. The network is currently airing the fourth season of Seeking Sister Wife. While the show has gained a substantial audience, some fans can’t stand a few of the couples.

Viewers have especially been critical of Garrick Merrifield and his approach toward plural marriage. Now, fans think his wife Dannielle Merrifield has insecurity issues judging by her Instagram. The critical consensus of the situation seems to be that Garrick “killed her confidence.”

Inside the complicated dynamic in the Merrifield relationship

Dannielle and Garrick joined Seeking Sister Wife for its third season, looking to expand their family. The couple was fresh off the heels of a decade-long monogamous marriage. Then, they decided to get divorced to accommodate a new addition to their life.

The Merrifields cited religion as a major driving force in their desire for other women in their lives. After scouring for a potential addition, the Merrifields connected with a Brazilian woman known as Roberta, or Bert. The visa process was complicated. But eventually, Bert’s visa got approved,

Next, another obstacle prevented the Merrifields from being with her. Bert’s mother got ill, forcing her to stay back in Brazil to take care of her ailing mother. However, it turns out that the Merrifields weren’t keen on waiting a little longer and began courting another woman. Garrick met his newest catch, Lea Newton, online and instantly formed a connection with her.

However, according to Garrick, the decision to move forward with another woman was all his wife’s. The Merrifield patriarch said, “Dannielle approached me and said, ‘Hey, I think maybe God wants us to have another wife.’ I was shocked.” Dannielle, on her end, said that adding another woman into the fold will help keep loneliness at bay whenever Garrick is off with any of the three women.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans think Dannielle Merrifield’s Instagram reveals deep-seated insecurities

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield film a confessional for TLC's Seeking Sister Wife
Seeking Sister Wife stars Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield | TLC via Youtube

Dannielle is an active social media user and uses her social media pages to connect and interact with her fans. While she often posts a wide range of items, her recent posts have fans concerned.

A quick look at Dannielle’s Instagram reveals several recent photos of Dannielle’s body. This has resulted in fans speculating if she feels insecure about the other women in her husband’s life, especially Bert. 

One user posted on Reddit, “Dannielle looks great, but I feel like it’s rooted in insecurity because of her husband’s attraction to Bert. She’s definitely trying to look young/ hot on Instagram, and I noticed her outfits in S4 are sexier.”

Another user responded, “He’s killed her confidence. So sad.” One fan didn’t understand why Dannielle was going through such lengths when Garrick “barely even glances her way.” The user suggested that Garrick may not even notice if Dannielle were to step out of their marriage.’

In another Reddit thread, users speculated that Dannielle had done cosmetic work on her breasts. One user posted a photo of Dannielle with the question, “I think these boobs are new??”

However, some people discounted the opinion that she did it to take Garrick’s attention away from Bert. One user said Dannielle had implants before they went on the TLC show; others believed she is just wearing more revealing clothes in recent episodes.

There might be another reason for Dannielle’s recent Instagram posts

While some of the fan theories may hold water, given the dynamic between the Colorado couple, there might be another reason why Dannielle looks different lately.

The reality TV star said she’s been focusing on getting back in shape in 2022. Some of her Instagram posts show her rocking a toned body. It, therefore, may make sense why she has been posting revealing candids, possibly as a way to show off her new physique.

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