‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Fans Don’t Buy That Lea Was Really into Garrick Merrifield and His Plural Lifestyle

Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife has barely begun, and there’s already plenty of drama to last the whole season. Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield have been on the prowl for a third sister wife, given their second is currently stuck in Brazil. Their efforts led them to one Lea Newton, but many fans don’t buy that Lea was really into Garrick Merrifield and his plural lifestyle. Here’s the lowdown.

Garrick Merrifield said his wife Dannielle pushed for another sister wife

In Season 3, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield decided to divorce to make room for a sister wife. The Merrifields joined Seeking Sister Wives in Season 3, seeking to expand their marriage and family. The pair had been in a monogamous relationship for a decade. When they joined the series, Garrick stated that God guided him to lead a plural marriage lifestyle, so the search began.

Roberta, whom the couple refers to as Bert, has been stuck in Brazil due to her mother’s illness, preventing the couple from uniting with their new addition. However, it seems the Merrifields were not big on patience and long-distance relationships as they began hunting for another woman to add to their plural marriage while waiting for Bert.

According to the Merrifield patriarch, the idea to introduce another woman into their life was all Dannielle’s. He said, “Dannielle approached me and said, ‘Hey I think maybe God wants us to have another wife.’ I was shocked.” Dannielle explained that she came up with the idea so that the two women wouldn’t feel alone when their husband was spending time with any of the women at any given time.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans don’t buy that Lea Newton was into Garrick

Lea films a confessional during her visit with Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield on Seeking Sister Wife
Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield court Lea on Seeking Sister Wife | TLC via Youtube

After agreeing that a new sister wife would do them good, Dannielle and Garrick took a trip to California during their anniversary to meet a woman they had been courting. Garrick and Lea met online and had an instant connection.

Garrick, Dannielle, and Lea began talking. During one episode, they went to pick Lea up from the airport and spend some quality time together. Garrick gushed about his choice, calling Lea “very pretty.” While the throuple tried to prove it’s an ideal match, fans aren’t buying any of it.

A fan on Reddit recently posted on the platform asking why Lea was a candidate for the Colorado couple, given that she isn’t religious. The Merrifields cited religion as the motivation for seeking Lea out, and it’s understandable why the fan would think Lea may not be the right fit.

The post gained traction with several Seeking Sister Wife fans mainly condemning Garrick and pointing out that he and Lea seemed to have no chemistry. One user said, “Garrick isn’t genuinely religious either, IMHO. He uses religion to justify being a disgusting human being.”

Another questioned their chemistry, saying, “I don’t see any chemistry between Lea and Garrick. Have they even like hugged?” Another said, “I feel like TLC was lazy with finding a cast member. She’s neither religious nor into the Merrifields.”

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans think Lea Newton was a prop

As fans continue to doubt Lea and Garrick’s relationship, others feel TLC hired the new woman to keep the Merrifields’ storyline going. Now that Bert is stuck in Brazil, fans think the show has nothing to go on regarding the couple. Giving them Lea was a way to keep them on.

One fan asked on the platform, “Does anyone think Lea was maybe hired by TLC to create a storyline until whatever is going on with Bert gets sorted out? The whole thing is weird.” Another user said, “She [Lea] is just there to keep them on TV and to get a check.”

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