‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Fans React to Dannielle and Garrick’s Divorce

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield immediately became one of the most explosive couples on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife Season 3, a reality TV show about people who practice polygamy and want to find sister wives to add to their households.

After almost 13 years of marriage, Dannielle and Garrick decided to get a legal divorce in order to bring their potential sister wife, Roberta, from Brazil to Colorado on a K-1 visa. In a sneak peek of the upcoming Mar. 29 episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick and Dannielle headed to the courthouse to finalize their divorce.

Dannielle cried as she and Garrick finalized their divorce

After being married for almost 13 years, Garrick and Dannielle reluctantly headed into the courthouse to finalize their divorce in a recent Seeking Sister Wife preview. As they removed their rings before going in to see the judge, Dannielle started to shed tears.

“I usually do not take my wedding ring off,” Garrick told Seeking Sister Wife producers. “I love her unbelievably, so it’s very bittersweet.”

“Actually getting divorced is a big step,” Dannielle declared. “I could see how people would think it’s insane or crazy.”

She knew she was taking a major risk. After all, she and Garrick had only met Roberta in person for nine days total thus far in over a yearlong courtship. Still, they had a “connection” as friends and sisters that made her want to move forward.

Next, the Seeking Sister Wife couple sat down to answer the judge’s questions about their petition for the dissolution of their marriage. Dannielle said she wasn’t seeking a name change.

When the judge got to the question about the Merrifields’ marriage being “irretrievably broken,” Dannielle began to break down. She wiped away tears as she answered sadly, “Yes.”

Some ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans didn’t buy Garrick’s comments about how much he loved Dannielle

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans couldn’t believe that Dannielle and Garrick were willing to go through with something as drastic as a divorce just to practice polygamy. Some YouTube commenters were skeptical about Garrick’s true feelings for his wife, believing he was just making an excuse to move on with a new woman.

“‘I love her unbelievably’ and that’s why you’re at the courthouse divorcing her so you can marry and bring over your second wife,” one fan pointed out.

“I can’t stand him!” another fan exclaimed in the comments. “He doesn’t love her. He wants the best of both worlds, willing to divorce her so he can have a hot new wife! He’ll probably run off with the new one, and leave her with their kids.”

This was a common theme among many Seeking Sister Wife fans, who suggested that Garrick might just be trying to leave Dannielle behind.

“Great, so after the  new wife comes he can throw her out without a messy divorce,” one commenter speculated.


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Other ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans wondered if Garrick and Dannielle’s divorce constituted fraud

Other Seeking Sister Wife fans just wondered why Garrick and Dannielle were getting a divorce in the first place if they truly didn’t want to. Some wondered if their actions were even fraudulent, and at least dishonest, since they had to go before a judge and make false statements to have their dissolution of marriage granted.

“I really don’t mind if people choose to be polygamist or be in a plural marriage,” one fan argued. “This clip right here is fraud in front of the courts.”

Another fan agreed, writing, “Isn’t she lying under oath? She is remaining ‘married’ and so the marriage is not broken? Or am I missing something?”

Yet another argued similarly, “Yeah this is super illegal. The only state in which polygamy is now (2021) legal is Utah in the U.S. – but she is lying under oath for sure.”

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. Episodes are also available on Discovery+.