‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Garrick and Dannielle Already Went to Mexico To Meet Their New Brazillian Sister Wife

After being dumped by Roberta Pache, Darrick and Dannielle Merrifield appear to be wasting no time meeting their next potential sister wife. Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 couple appear to have already gone to Mexico to meet the new Brazillian woman they’re currently dating. Here’s what we know.

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield sitting together on the couch on 'Seeking Sister Wife' Season 4 on TLC.
Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 | TLC

Roberta dumps Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield on ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4

In the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 finale, Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield’s potential sister wife, Roberta Pache, broke up with them on the day of her supposed arrival to the US. This caused Dannielle to have a nervous breakdown.

Roberta sent a long message explaining why she changed her mind about moving to Colorado to be with them. She tells the Merrifields that finding out that Garrick kissed Lea was too much for her.

She said she couldn’t “feel the same as before.” So she ended her three and a half years of a long-distance relationship with Garrick.

Dannielle and Garrick move on from Roberta with another Brazillian woman

The Merrifields were devastated by Roberta changing her mind. They believe that she may have been scamming them. Right before Roberta broke up with them, Dannielle and Garrick sent her a $9,800 payment.

This isn’t the first time Dannielle and Garrick have sent money to Roberta in Brazil. The couple has been sending “thousands and thousands” of dollars each month to Roberta to help with her living expenses.

The Merrifields feel betrayed but intend to keep seeking plural marriage. However, they vowed to be more careful about who they let into their lives. “I just pray this next time that it’s a sincere, faithful, trustworthy person,” Garrick tells the cameras.

The Merrifields have already found a new Brazillian woman to replace Roberta. The card at the end of the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 finale revealed: “The Merrifields have not spoken to Roberta since the breakup text. They are currently dating a new woman and plan to meet her in Mexico later this year. She’s from Brazil.”

Have the Merrifields gone to Mexico to meet their new girlfriend already?

It appears Garrick and Dannielle have already gone to Mexico in June 2022 for the 15th year anniversary. “We made it to Mexico! I am so blessed to share this life with you, my handsome King. I look forward to all that God has ahead of us. He has kept us strong through all the trials and shown us his true love.” Check out the post below:

Did they meet their new potential sister wife on this trip? Garrick’s Instagram provides some clues. He posted a photo of Dannielle and himself lying beachside in Mexico on the same anniversary trip, pictured below:

He wrote in the caption: “Enjoying some quality time with one of my queen’s. So thankful for all the good and bad as it is all beautiful. We all have ups and downs and struggles in life. Marriage is no exception but there is a key to it all to stay faithful and committed through it all as this is how God is.”

Was this the trip that Dannielle and Garrick met their new potential sister wife? Fans speculate that it would be unlikely since it’s his 15th wedding anniversary with Dannielle. But maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate his anniversary and meet his new girlfriend for the first time.

Perhaps the Merrifields will return to Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 and document their new Brazilian girlfriend.

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