‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Lea Broke Up With Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield — Now What?

In Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, Dannielle Merrifield pushed her husband, Garrick Merrifield, to date their potential wife, Lea Newton. However, after their emotional and confusing first meeting, Lea decided to end their relationship. So what’s next for the Merrifield family? Here’s everything we know.

Dannielle and Garrick during a 'Seeking Sister Wife' interview segment
Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield from ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ | TLC via YouTube

Lea breaks up with Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield

In the July 11 episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick and Dannielle revealed that their potential wife, Lea, decided to end her relationship with them. A few months after their California visit where they meet up with Lea in person for the first time. Garrick revealed after their trip, everything changed. He said, “Our communication started to dwindle.” Danielle explained, “And then Lea finally reached out, and ultimately she just wanted the relationship to end.”

During the episode, there is a flashback of the breakup. The Merrifields video chatted with Lea and she explained her feelings. Lea said, “There was just too many dealbreakers for me. I didn’t really feel like I have any choices in the relationship. It didn’t feel as genuine as I was hoping for.” She told the couple, “It was kinda really your way or the highway. So you know, it’s just best for us to go our separate ways.”

As they are packing, Garrick and Dannielle discussed how they felt about the ending the relationship with Lea. They both agreed that their relationship with Lea “just wasn’t meant to be.” They’re hoping the next woman they court will be the right one.

Garrick and Dannielle await Roberta’s arrival

This season, on Seeking Sister Wife, Dannielle suggested that Garrick starts dating again. But his fiancé, Roberta, felt uncomfortable by Lea’s presence. She wanted to have time to marry Garrick once she arrived in the United States, without a new girlfriend in the picture.

It’s been three years since Roberta and Garrick began their courtship. With Roberta’s K-1 visa approval, she struggles to find the right time to join the Merrifields in their home in Colorado. Garrick explained that Roberta’s visa has a time limit, and she’s cutting it close.

Garrick told the cameras, “Getting Roberta here. It’s been a really long process. Way longer than expected.”

Between catching the coronavirus (COVID-19) and dealing with her elderly mother’s failing health, Roberta has yet even found time to pick up her passport and visa from the government building.

While the Merrifields feel frustrated with the delay, they’re holding out hope that this is the right choice for all of them. Garrick told the cameras, “Now that Lea’s not in the picture, I definitely know I need to focus my attention and time with Roberta to work on getting her here.”

What’s the future like for the Merrifield family

After five long months of living in an RV, Danielle, Garrick, and their two children are finally moving into the home they were building. The family built a custom home intending to live a plural lifestyle, complete with an extra wing of the house for Roberta and a nursery for future babies.

Danielle said, “Things didn’t work out with Lea, and still trying to figure out getting Roberta here. I’m not sure fully that she does understand the severity of the timeline yet. She doesn’t have much longer [before] her visa expires.”

In the preview for next week’s episode, Dannielle and Garrick take a tour of their brand new house and discuss their shared vision for the future. Danielle tells Garrick that one of the bedrooms could be a perfect nursery for not just one, but two babies.

Will Roberta finally come to the US on Seeking Sister Wife Season 4? Fans will have to tune in to find out what happens next with the Merrifield family.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on TLC and discovery+.

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