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Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 returns to TLC and Discovery+ on Mon., Mar. 22, 2021, at 8 p.m. EST. Here’s what happened between Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, who have appeared on all three seasons of the reality TV show, on the Seeking Sister Wife season premiere.

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have always agreed on practicing polygamy

Dimitri and Ashley are returning to Seeking Sister Wife for their third season on the show. They’ve been married for nearly 12 years, share three children (ages 8, 6, and 3), and live in Los Angeles.

On the season premiere of Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri explained that he and his wife don’t practice polygamy for religious reasons.

Instead, Ashley said, “We chose this life because family is at the center.”

“Family really galvanizes around the strength of women,” Dimitri added. “Women are at the center.”

The Snowdens reflected on their breakup with Vanessa Cobbs

Ashley and Dimitri went on to reflect on their history with their pursuit of a polygamous lifestyle.

They looked for a sister wife for 10 years and finally thought they found their match in Vanessa Cobbs, whom they instantly connected with online. On Seeking Sister Wife Season 2, she even moved with them from Atlanta to LA and shared a public wedding ceremony with her new family at a Temecula winery.

“Ashley and I have always wanted a plural family, and the day that we found Vanessa and we married her, we thought that was it,” Dimitri said. “But that’s not what happened.”

For his part, he felt like the breakup was both painful and sudden. Vanessa traveled to Seattle for her birthday trip, he explained – and almost immediately afterward, things changed.

“During that time away, she came to a realization that it just wasn’t fitting, it didn’t feel good, it wasn’t working,” Dimitri said. “She announced that she wanted to conclude the relationship.” He added that Vanessa’s breakup message came to them via text.

Ashley went on to admit that she felt “blindsided by the timing and the method” of the breakup.

“But I think, for her, it had been some time brewing,” she added. “I think she knew in her heart that maybe she had made the wrong choice – that maybe a plural family actually wasn’t what she wanted for her life.”

Vanessa returned to Ashley and Dimitri’s home with her mom and twin sister to pack her things. After that, the last they knew of her whereabouts was that she was with her sister in Australia.


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Ashley and Dimitri prepared to meet their newest potential sister wife

The Snowdens confessed that it was somewhat “embarrassing” to share the breakup with their friends and family, especially because many of them weren’t on board with their desire to live a plural lifestyle to begin with.

After the divorce, they took 18 months to regroup and heal. But after getting back in the saddle, Dimitri and Ashley met Christeline – a 32-year-old single mom from South Africa with two kids.

Dimitri said he’d now been courting Christeline for five months. He described her as a “blonde bombshell,” while Ashley described her as “cool, calm, and collected.”

The Seeking Sister Wife stars hadn’t met her in person yet, but Christeline was ready to visit her potential family in just a few days. She’d never traveled outside South Africa before, so they felt both excited and nervous about the prospect of meeting her.

At the end of the episode, the Snowdens headed to the airport in anxious anticipation of Christeline’s arrival in the U.S.