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Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 returns to TLC on Mon., Mar. 22, at 8 p.m. EST. Episodes of the reality TV show, which follows couples hoping to practice polygamy, will also be available on Discovery+.

Jarod, Vanessa, and Kaleh Clark are in an established polygamous marriage. Here’s what happened between the three of them on the Seeking Sister Wife season premiere.

Jarod and Vanessa Clark were married first

The Clarks, a new family on Seeking Sister Wife this season, live in North Carolina. Jarod is a special education teacher and personal trainer. He’s been legally married to Vanessa, whom he met while he was in the military, for 10 years. They have four kids, ages 13, 11, 4, and 2.

While the Clarks don’t practice polygamy for religious reasons, Jarod said on the Seeking Sister Wife season premiere that it had always been important to him.

“Tribes and kingdoms were built where a king had multiple queens, and each queen had an integral part in that king’s life,” he said of his reasoning for wanting multiple wives.

Jarod went on to say that he had introduced polygamy – specifically polygyny, he pointed out – to Vanessa three years earlier.

“The response that I got from her was a flat, unadulterated no,” he laughed.

But eventually, Vanessa came around to the idea.

“I realized that I would have somebody that has my back with not only my children, but with my husband, with my house,” she said of her eventual acceptance of polygamy. “So we agreed to give it a try.”

Kaleh married Jarod next

Jarod and Vanessa met Kaleh just three and a half months later. Jarod first caught a glimpse of Kaleh at a lounge where they were both working.

As for Jarod’s second wife, the Seeking Sister Wife star explained that she first stumbled across the idea of polygamy, or plural marriage, when she was 18. Because she was so “free-spirited,” she said she never considered it “taboo” or out of the question.

Vanessa dealt with jealousy at first over Kaleh and Jarod’s budding relationship, especially because of Kaleh’s youth and beauty. Still, they all naturally meshed at the beginning, and Kaleh moved in just a few weeks later. At the time of filming, Kaleh and Jarod had been married for two years.


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The ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ stars said they were now struggling in their marriage

But all was not well in the Clarks’ polygamous marriage. Jarod explained that he “presented himself as a king” in his household. Likewise, he expected his wives to act like queens.

“The thing is, lately, Kaleh has not been acting like the queen that she could be,” Jarod complained.

Kaleh didn’t put it quite that way, but she did admit that there was trouble in paradise.

“It’s a little complicated to explain, but things aren’t so good right now,” she told Seeking Sister Wife producers of her marriage.

Vanessa treaded carefully, but she, too, confessed that there were major issues in their polygamous setup.

“In a plural relationship, you have ups and downs, and right now, there are some downs,” she lamented. “There’s been some tension between the three of us that needs to be addressed to keep our family together.”

As for the rest of Seeking Sister Wife Season 3, it looks like Jarod will be on the hunt for a third sister wife – especially if the tension with Kaleh doesn’t let up anytime soon.