‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Recap: Tosha and Sidian Jones Are Looking for a Second Wife After a Devastating Divorce

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 premieres on TLC on Mon., Mar. 22, at 8 p.m. EST. Episodes of the popular reality TV show will also be available on Discovery+.

Of the five couples who are already practicing, or hoping to practice, polygamy that we met on the Seeking Sister Wife season premiere, Tosha and Sidian Jones are one of the new plural pairs. Here’s a recap of what happened between them on the first Seeking Sister Wife episode of the new season.

Tosha and Sidian Jones met when he was already married

Tosha and Sidian are graphic designers from Boise, Idaho. They’re not legally married, but they consider themselves husband and wife. They’ve been together for four years. Together, they raise three kids – ages 12, 9, 7 – all of whom are Sidian’s biological children from previous relationships.

On the Seeking Sister Wife season premiere, Tosha revealed that Sidian caught her eye at work – but he was already married. She was disappointed, but it turned out that she didn’t have to be: He and his first wife were looking for a second wife.

Sidian explained that he learned about polygamy through a polygamous friend, and he became attracted to the lifestyle through that relationship. At first, Tosha didn’t know much about having a sister wife, but she eventually realized the idea appealed to her.

“After spending time with Sidian and his family, I really felt like I was meant to be there,” Tosha gushed.

Sidian’s first wife left him after he brought Tosha into the family

After getting to know Sidian and his family, Tosha moved in about three months into the relationship. According to Sidian, it went well for about six months, but then things started to go sour.

“My first wife really started questioning whether polygamy was for her,” the Seeking Sister Wife star explained.

Eventually, it became clear that Sidian and his first wife needed some time alone to work on their marriage. Tosha reluctantly decided to leave in order to give them space.

Breaking down in tears, Tosha told Seeking Sister Wife producers, “My time apart from Sidian and his family was really hard. You go from having a family and something you really wanted to being alone.”

But Sidian’s marriage continued to fall apart. After Tosha left, he explained, things only got worse. Eventually, his wife decided to divorce him.


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The ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ stars said they were now actively looking for a sister wife

It was a dark time for Sidian after his first wife left. With neither his first wife nor Tosha around, he felt alone and numb.

Slowly, Tosha and Sidian reignited their relationship. She started coming over occasionally to help with the kids. Eventually, they decided they wanted to get back together.

“We couldn’t keep away from each other, really,” Sidian said. “I think we both just loved each other that much and decided that we wanted to keep going.”

The Seeking Sister Wife couple had many discussions about whether they wanted to pursue monogamy or polygamy for the rest of their relationship. Tosha was ultimately the one who decided she wanted a sister wife.

“We know from experience that adding a second wife doesn’t always end well,” Sidian said sadly. “But we’re confident that we’re meant to do this.”

The couple had now been looking for an addition to their family for a year. Still, they knew there might be rough times ahead.