‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Roberta Hints at ‘Escaping Polygamy’ and Unfollows the Merrifields on Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 follows the journey of Garrick Merrifield and his wife, Danielle Merrifield, as they try to get their potential sister wife, Roberta ‘Bert’ Pache, to the United States. However, it could be over before it even begins. According to Roberta’s Instagram, she’s no longer following the Merrifield’s but does follow an account that hints at her “escaping polygamy.”

Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield, and Roberta Pache pose together for promo for ‘Seeking Sister Wife'.
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield, and Roberta Pache, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ | TLC

Garrick, Danielle, and Roberta’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 journey

So far on Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, Roberta remains in Brazil with her mother, waiting to find the right time to come to Colorado to be with the Merrifield family. However, Roberta had difficulty handling her jealousy when Dannielle wanted Garrick to start courting a potential 3rd wife, Lea.

Meanwhile, the Merrifields moved into their vast custom-built home for their polygamous family. The only thing missing is Roberta. While her K-1 (fiancé) visa was approved, she can legally move to the United States, where she will have 90 days to marry Garrick. However, because of some issues, the Merrifilds decide to fly to Brazil to visit Roberta before moving forward with their plan.

Roberta unfollows the Merrifieds on Instagram

According to Roberta’s Instagram, she may be done with the Merrifield’s altogether. As of today, Roberta doesn’t follow either Garrick or Danielle’s accounts. A Seeking Sister Wife fan (via Reddit) did some digging and found that Roberta was following an account called ‘Escaping Polygamy.’

Escaping Polygamy is a Lifetime Network show that follows three sisters, Andrea, Jessica, and Shanell Kingston. Four seasons of the show follow the girls after escaping the polygamist cult known as “The Order” or “The Kingston Clan.” The show does an incredible job of shedding light on the dark side of living in a polygamous cult.

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans found it interesting that a woman who is planning to enter a polygamist marriage with Garrick and Dannielle would be a fan of a show based on escaping Polygamy. Is this a clue that she’s no longer with the Merrifield’s? That’s not the only sign that indicates it could be over.

More signs that Roberta may have left Garrick and Dannielle

Another significant sign that Roberta may have checked out of her relationship with the Merrifield’s is that she’s had a challenging year. The first clue that things were rocky was when Bert began contacting them less and less. Danielle and Garrick didn’t see Brazilian-born Bert in over a year.

Another clue that Roberta may be emotionally checked-out of her relationship with Garrick is that she has been procrastinating coming to the US. Roberta’s K-1 visa will expire soon if she doesn’t get to the US. Her second-guessing and doubt may cause her to miss the opportunity to be with Garrick and Dannielle in the US.

With Robert’s visa approved, she must pick up her passport and visa from a government building. However, the visa does have an exploration date, and it’s coming up quickly.

Dannielle explained, “Our immigration lawyers made it very clear that she can’t wait ’til the last minute because travel and flights are limited. So she only has a short period of time to get here.”

Fans will have to watch the rest of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 to find out if Robert makes it to the US or not. Perhaps her relationship with Garrick ends before it even begins.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on TLC and discovery+.

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