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Bernie McGee of Seeking Sister Wife fame has died, according to an official statement by his wife, Paige McGee. Bernie was 41. The husband and father of two was last seen on TV during an explosive tell-all episode that recapped the second season of the hit TLC show. During the episode, McGee’s love interest, Brandy, spilled the beans on a sexual encounter she had with McGee. The admission enraged Paige.

Bernie quickly became a fan favorite on the sophomore reality show. His easy-going attitude was in sharp contrast to his wife’s high-strung personality. Fans, however, all seemed to agree that Paige and Bernie were not equipped for polygamy, and their return to the small screen was never guaranteed.

Was Bernie McGee sick?

News of McGee’s passing shocked castmates and fans alike. The 41-year-old father of two was not sick at the time of his passing. In fact, McGee had recently taken up bicycling to work on his physical fitness. According to a Facebook post by Paige, Bernie was out riding his bike when he started to feel ill. He called Paige to pick him up, but by the time she arrived, paramedics were already on the scene.

Paige did not go into detail about who called 911 for the ill reality TV star, but she did note she knew Bernie wasn’t going to make it when she arrived. According to Paige, Bernie’s death was caused by heat stroke and a heart attack. Mississippi temperatures are peaking in the 90s at the moment.

Did Bernie and Paige plan to appear on Seeking Sister Wife again?

The McGee’s made waves when they signed up for the TLC reality show that follows polygamist families through the dating process. The McGee’s appeared to have several issues working against their desire to add to their family. Not only did Paige have a significant jealous streak, but the couple had problems with their extended family.

Both Paige and Bernie were arrested in March 2019 for stalking. The couple was accused of harassing and stalking Patrick Marbles, Paige’s brother, as well as his partner. Paige’s mother was allegedly involved in the complaint as well. The couple was scheduled to appear in court on the Wednesday following Bernie’s passing.

It is not known if the couple was planning to reprise their role on the next season of Seeking Sister Wife. TLC was busy casting new families earlier this year, and the couple’s courtship with Brandy ended badly, so it’s possible they did not plan to return. Paige has not commented on what their reality TV plan was moving forward. The grieving widow has, however, remained active on Facebook.