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After taking some much-needed time out of the spotlight to heal physically and mentally, Selena Gomez has stepped back onto the scene in a big way. She has worked as a television producer, voiced a character in the new film Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr., and was involved in several other projects.

Most importantly, the songstress has returned to her roots with music. The Wizards of Waverly Place alum just released her third studio album, Rare, and fans are loving it.

Still, despite being in the spotlight for many years, it doesn’t appear that Gomez is quite comfortable being front and center once again. In fact, fans are raising their eyebrows at her recent interview on Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

Selena Gomez’s return to the spotlight has been slightly rocky

After being out of the public eye for a long stretch of time, a comeback can be jarring. In fact, during her first big performance in two years at the American Music Awards in November 2019, Gomez struggled to find her footing.

Gomez was off-key during her performance of “Lose You to Love Me,” and she appeared slightly nervous. Fans noticed her stumbles, though many still commended her for taking the stage.

Selena Gomez might vanish from the spotlight again soon

It’s clear that after years of superstardom, Gomez knows her limits. In fact, she has already announced she will be retreating from social media once again as soon as she’s done promoting Rare.

“I got back on [Instagram] because I was releasing music, but I just told my best friend yesterday, I’m going to have to take it off my phone again soon,” she told The Wall Street Journal. “They know I have an addictive personality, and it can be unhealthy.”

Inside Selena Gomez’s awkward interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

Fans were eager to see Gomez on Live! With Kelly and Ryan. The co-hosts are typically warm, and they give their guests the opportunity to get candid and vulnerable with the studio and television audiences.

Although she appeared on the show to promote Rare, Gomez seemed like she wanted to be anywhere else. At times, it felt like Ripa had to drag information out of the “Lose You to Love Me” singer.

“She seemed so annoyed to even be there,” one fan commented on the show’s Instagram. “It was almost awkward to watch.”

However, it turns out the real issue might have been that Gomez got very little sleep. “She said she was operating on just a couple hours sleep & she seems low key, but I didn’t get ‘annoyed’ at all,” another fan responded.

Sometimes we all have to remember that celebrities are just human beings like the rest of us.