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Selena Gomez is firmly in a new era of her life and her career. The songstress has returned to the spotlight to debut her third studio album, Rare and she’s never been more vulnerable.

After enduring a battle with lupus that led to a kidney transplant as well as a very public breakup with her ex, Justin Bieber, the ‘Lose You to Love Me” singer is talking about everything she’s gone through while giving fans an inside view into her personal life.

As one of the most-followed people on Instagram, Gomez has a lot of eyes on her life, and she’s been open about how uncomfortable that can feel. However, in order for her album to keep shining on the charts, Gomez has realized she must be open and connected with her fans.

Selena Gomez has been accused of being bored with her album promotion

Though Gomez got back on social media to promote her album, she’s been accused of not really giving the energy she should to her fans when to comes to her album promotion.

Fans noted her awkward interview on Live! With Kelly and Ryan. Though co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were happy and upbeat — Gomez didn’t quite seem like she wanted to be there.

“She seemed so annoyed to even be there,” one fan commented on the show’s Instagram. “It was almost awkward to watch.” Another fan defended Gomez saying, “She said she was operating on just a couple hours sleep & she seems low key, but I didn’t get ‘annoyed’ at all.” Still, it was bad press we’re sure Gomez didn’t want.

Selena Gomez’s singing abilities have been questioned

There have always been whispers about the Wizards of Waverly Place alum’s singing abilities, and unfortunately, her first big performance after her hiatus did not help matters.

Gomez opened the American Music Awards in November 2019. Unfortunately, her nerves got the best of her and she was pretty off-key during her first performance. Still, despite all of that, as well as an alleged panic attack that she’d endured right before getting on stage, the “Look At Her Now” singer pushed through.

Selena Gomez is begging fans to stream ‘Rare’

Though her album has gotten solid reviews — Gomez’s comeback hasn’t been as flawless as she hopped it would be. Presently her album is neck and neck for the number one spot with Roddy Ricch. Though Gomez has said in the past she doesn’t care about numbers, she is now begging fans to stream her album.

“I found out that my album is neck to neck with another incredible artist,” she said,  “I’ve told people before that, you know, it’s not about numbers for me, but I would love for the most important album I’ve ever released to become number one. So, um, if you don’t mind streaming it or listening to it on all the platforms it would mean the absolute world to me.”

We get why being in the top spot would mean a lot to the songstress, but this seems a bit off-putting.