‘Selling Sunset’: The Aftermath of Mary’s Breakup With Jason Is Similar to Chrishell’s

Selling Sunset ended with a big breakup. Mary Fitzgerald said she handled her breakup with Jason Oppenheim similarly to what Chrishell Stause recently had to do. But fans still haven’t gotten one important answer about the aftermath of the breakup.

Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim dated before ‘Selling Sunset’

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Jason might be a boss at The Oppenheim Group. But he’s not against dating a realtor at his brokerage. He dated Mary years ago, and they openly talk about it. Season 5 started with Mary mentioning this to Chrishell.

“You know, we were happy, but he can’t commit, and he just–he just kind of freaked out and broke up with me just out of the blue because he doesn’t want to be unfaithful,” she said in her interview. “And so, he just ends the relationship before anything would ever happen. And he always has done that in every relationship.”

They still managed to stay close and work together. Jason promoted her in season 5 to manage the office while he was away. He even called her “babe” at a dinner during the season. Mary is now married to Romain Bonnet. The couple traveled with Jason and Chrishell to Greece in the season premiere.

Mary said she saw a good change in Jason while he dated Chrishell. Sadly, their happiness turned into heartbreak.

Mary says she needed space after the breakup like Chrishell

Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause stand next to each other on 'Selling Sunset'.
Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause on ‘Selling Sunset’ | Netflix

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Mary talked to People about the new season, which included Chrishell and Jason’s relationship. It ended with Chrishell saying they broke up because he didn’t want a baby after all. She then told Emma Hernan that she didn’t know if she could keep working with him, and she needed space.

“I feel bad for both of them because they’re both the most amazing people and no one was really at fault,” Mary said. “They were being true to themselves and I love both of them for being very open and honest about that.”

She then talked about them needing space from each other. “I think they need to have a little separation or time apart just to kind of heal, but everybody is friendly,” Mary said. “Jason and I needed that too when we broke up, but they’re both very mature people. They both are very caring and it’s all going to be fine.”

Did Chrishell Stause leave The Oppenheim Group?

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The season ended with Chrishell saying she wanted space. But The Oppenheim Group’s website still lists her as a realtor.

Fans will get an update from the cast through the reunion, which will be released on Netflix on May 5. Tan France from Queer Eye moderated it. So if anyone has left the brokerage, fans will hopefully find out then.