‘Selling Sunset’: Chrishell Stause Believes the Show Is Successful Because of 1 Thing

Selling Sunset premiered on Netflix in 2019 and has captivated fans everywhere. The show follows several real estate agents as they sell luxury houses while navigating problems in their personal lives.

One of the stars of Selling Sunset is Chrishell Stause, who has seen her popularity increase thanks to the series. Stause recently shared why she thinks Selling Sunset is such a hit with viewers.

Chrishell Stause smiling, closeup
Chrishell Stause | Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Jane Owen PR

‘Selling Sunset’ is currently filming season 4

Selling Sunset premiered its second and third season in 2020. Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the show took a break from filming until recently.

In March 2021, Netflix announced it had renewed Selling Sunset for seasons 4 and 5. The cast members have since resumed filming, though a premiere date is still not known. 

Chrishell Stause believes ‘Selling Sunset’ is successful because of 1 thing

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Being renewed for five seasons is not an easy feat. It is a testament to how much viewers continue to enjoy Selling Sunset. There are probably many reasons why people want to tune in, and Stause believes the show’s rawness is one of them.

“I think it would be a disservice if we were pretending to be something we weren’t,” Stause said in a recent interview with Forbes. “I think that’s really why people tend to love the show because we’ve seen a million of those reality shows come and go, where people are kind of like putting on fronts and acting.”

She added, “For better or for worse, this really is who we are so (laughs) I think people can see that when they watch. “

Some stories on the show get exaggerated

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Even though Selling Sunset shows viewers a lot of real things in the cast members’ lives, they have admitted that a few stories get exaggerated.

In 2019, Stause shared with TMZ that some events do get “amped up” for the cameras.

For example, it seems Stause used to get along with someone she is often seen feuding with on the show. Stause often has problems with fellow cast member Christine Quinn, but Quinn once shared that she and Stause faked it at first for the cameras.

“From day one, obviously the producers had certain things in mind. They wanted us to clash obviously,” Quinn said on an episode of Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered podcast, as reported by Us Weekly. “At first, we didn’t. We got along great. We were friends. She was at my house. We were drinking, having a good time. I was getting to know her and then the storylines came into play.”

According to Quinn, she and Stause tried to keep their on-screen drama from affecting their real-life friendship. However, at some point, that became difficult to do.

“I never wanted to fight with her,” Quinn shared. “Are you kidding? Her and I had drinks. I made her dinner. I didn’t want that. That wasn’t me.”

In any case, it seems Quinn and Stause drifted far apart after that. Based on what they have said in recent interviews, it does not seem like the two ladies have reignited their friendship yet.