‘Selling Sunset’: Christine Quinn Said Chrishell Stause Gets No Special Treatment Despite Dating Their Boss

Reality television gives us a glimpse into the lives of others, whether they are dating, being silly, making profits, or any number of other things. Selling Sunset is another in a long list of reality TV shows, but this one has gained a lot of attention on Netflix as an original series that highlights the extremes some will go through to make a dollar in L.A.

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Along the way, there are other bits of drama along the way, especially when one lady begins dating her boss. However, Christine Quinn has revealed that Chrishell Stause does not get special treatment just because she is dating their boss, Jason Oppenheim.

Jason Oppenheim has dated another agent before

Fans of the show may remember that at one point in history, before the show, Oppenheim dated Mary Fitzgerald. Now, the two are separated, happily. They have been friends for more than 15-years and only dated for around a year. Today, they are simply very good friends who co-parent dogs together.

Mary has said that she is excited for Oppenheim and his new girlfriend. Fitzgerald is now happily married to Romain Bonnet. In fact, they were married on the Selling Sunset at the end of season 2. Other women at The Oppenheim Group felt that because they dated prior to her joining the group in 2014 that Oppenheim was giving Fitzgerald the best listings.

Is there special treatment for Chrishell?

We all watched as Stause found out about her divorce through a text by Justin Hartley. He began another relationship with Sofia Pernas. Stause, also entered a new romance, though short-lived, with Keo Motsepe.

In true reality show fashion, many were taken by surprise when it was revealed in July 2021, through photographs and a quick confirmation, that Oppenheim and Stuase had developed a great relationship. Since then, they have even appeared on the red carpet together.

Christine Quinn acknowledges that she has seen first-hand the favoritism between Jason and Mary. In fact, she was reported by TMZ to say, “So far so good …” This proves that she doesn’t seem to feel that there is favoritism between Stause and Oppenheim. It may also indicate that these two have had a relationship for longer than we realize.

No one seems to believe that Stause is dating the boss to get special treatment. The couple’s family and friends, as well as some fans, have been pouring out support for their new relationship. Most say that their relationship seems genuine. Mary has said openly that she felt the chemistry as soon as Stause began working with The Oppenheim Group.

Even with that affirmation, we feel that as season 4 kicks in, most fans will spend a lot of time looking for signs of special treatment. We are also confident that the rest of the cast will be also.

What do Jason and Chrishell have to say about it?

Whether on TV or in real life, not many people feel comfortable about workplace romances. Fans say that it is an odd situation for Oppenheim and Stause to be putting themselves into. The rest of us are excited to see what the future may hold for these two and the show.

Both Stause and Oppenheim say that they have been great friends for a long time and that it has developed into an “amazing relationship.” They both say that they are very happy together. Stause has even talked about and shared some of the negativity that she has received from fans about her relationship with Oppenheim with social media.

With all this, we have to assume that this happy couple isn’t going to let anything stop them from seeing what they can become.

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