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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn can officially add author to her resume. The Netflix reality TV star recently spoke about her persona in the Netflix series, claiming she “amps it up” for cameras. Find out why Christine leans into the villain role while filming Selling Sunset. We’ve also got details about the inspiration behind her book How to Be a Boss B****.

'Selling Sunset' star Christine Quinn poses on top of the Empire State Building promoting her new book
Christine Quinn | John Lamparski/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Christine Quinn has a background in acting 

Before becoming a realtor in California, Christine was a model and actor. “I moved to Los Angeles … for acting and modeling,” she told Nylon in May 2020. “The first job I ever did … was [Shark Night 3D] … I had a billboard on Sunset for this silly movie … that was actually pretty big.” 

When modeling and acting gigs ran dry, Christine knew she had to pivot. “At the time Jason [Oppenheim] was a friend of mine and I saw him doing really well,” she added. When she passed the realtor’s exam, Christine secured a spot at the Oppenheim Group.

Christine Quinn sits at her desk at the Oppenheim Group in an episode of Netflix's 'Selling Sunset'
Christine Quinn | Netflix

More recently, Christine made another shift. After Selling Sunset Season 5 dropped, Christine reportedly left the O Group to start her own crypto-based brokerage.

‘Selling Sunset’ shows an ‘over the top’ version of Christine Quinn

In an interview with NPR’s “It’s Been a Minute,” Christine talked about her persona in the Netflix series. “I knew the most important thing I wanted to take away from the experience was … to stand out,” Christine said. “I want to be remembered.” 

The Netflix reality star referenced her career as an actor. “I wanted to make people feel something,” she added. “Whether that was relatability, vulnerability, strength, [or] inspiration.” To evoke that emotion from viewers, Christine does her “absolute best to … play up [her] humor, have fun, not take it too seriously, and be over the top.” 

When comparing her authentic self and the persona she created for the Netflix series, Christine says there’s a paradox. “When I went into the reality television world, I knew that I needed to do everything I could to set myself apart,” she explained. “I was willing to fall on my sword in the process, whether that be me saying things maybe not as kind that I maybe wouldn’t say in real life.” 

Christine admitted she is “very blunt” in reality. She added: “Do I amp it up [for the show]? Yes, absolutely. But in real life, I’m not like that at all on television.” 

Christine Quinn’s book was inspired by ‘Selling Sunset’ fan reactions 

According to Christine, when Selling Sunset came out, the number one question she got from fans was not about her fashion. “By far, [the] biggest [question from people was], ‘How do I have your confidence?'” she said. 


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Christine’s book How to Be a Boss B**** explains how to achieve the confidence she has in real estate and life in general. “I wanted to encourage people to be the most authentic, truest version of themself,” she explained to NPR. “So many people are worried about … [being] portrayed as the b****,” she added. 

“I’m tired of the word b**** being used in a negative connotation. It’s not. If you’re being called a b****, that means that you’re doing something right. That means that you’re not being an amenable, quiet woman and you are making waves and shattering glass ceilings.”

Watch season 5 of Selling Sunset on Netflix.