‘Selling Sunset’: Jason Oppenheim Says Viewers Often Make ‘Incorrect Assumptions’ About These 2 Cast Members

Like many reality shows, Selling Sunset showcases many different personalities. While viewers often feel they know the people on the series, Jason Oppenheim—who owns the real estate agency featured on Selling Sunset—does not believe this is true. Oppenheim recently came forward to share that he thinks two cast members often get misrepresented on the show.

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Jason Oppenheim | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images for Jane Owen PR

Jason Oppenheim defends 2 cast members against ‘incorrect assumptions’ from viewers

Oppenheim recently had an interview with Realtor.com to speak about the show and its upcoming fourth season. When asked about the biggest misconception about Selling Sunset, Oppenheim shared that it would be the personalities of Christine Quinn and Davina Potratz.

“I think maybe when people see someone like Christine [Quinn] or Davina [Potratz] on the show, they make incorrect assumptions about who they are as people,” Oppenheim said. “I think they’re  loving and caring and great agents.They’re dynamic and controversial on camera, but they’re very good people. But it’s very easy for people to just judge based on a few hours of television.”

He also added that the internet has made it easier for people to negatively comment on people they do not know, saying, “It’s easy for people to be mean on social media, because they’re not doing it to [your] face. I wish people would humanize people who they associate with on social media, instead of just being such d***s.”

Christine Quinn and Davina Portratz have been portrayed as antagonists

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It’s easy to see why Quinn and Potratz leave many fans divided. The two real estate agents have been portrayed as antagonists in several story lines on the show.

For example, during the first episode, Quinn described herself as “a little bit cold” but “always honest.” When Chrishell Stause first joined the office, Quinn put herself at odds with Stause by quickly making judgments about her outfit and personality.

During season 2, Quinn and Potratz had a conflict with Stause as well. They accused Stause of being fake and talking behind other cast members’ backs.

Quinn and Potratz continued being pitted against Stause in season 3. After Stause was blindsided with divorce papers by her then-husband, Quinn and Potratz refused to side with her like their coworkers did. Instead, they urged people to hear both sides of the divorce story, which did not sit well with viewers.

Davina Potratz also thinks ‘Selling Sunset’ does not portray her correctly

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Like Oppenheim, Potratz does not believe Selling Sunset has portrayed her personality correctly. She told Cosmopolitan UK last year that she wished her side of the story could have been shown fully.

“I wish a little more of my perspective was shown, and that viewers were introduced to me more – you don’t really know much about me,” she said. “I’m really sweet and funny and kind to people. And I don’t think you see much of that at all. You also don’t get to see the full context of a conversation on the show [so] people just assume things because they don’t know me.”