‘Selling Sunset’: Mary Answers if Christine Was Acting for the Show

There are a lot of questions about what’s real or fake on Selling Sunset. Mary Fitzgerald answers if Christine Quinn was stirring up drama just for the cameras.

Christine Quinn is at odds with everyone on ‘Selling Sunset’

Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn stand on a colorful property in 'Selling Sunset' Season 5.
Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5 | Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022

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The recent season of Selling Sunset showed the cast confronting Christine at different events. Almost every time the conversation revolved around something, she said about them behind their backs to another person or the press.

In season 5, this continued with everyone confronting her for her comments about Davina Potraz acting differently just to be liked by the cast. Chrishell Stause was also offended because Christine said it was love at first sight between her and Jason Oppenheim.

Mary Fitzgerald answers if Christine was acting on ‘Selling Sunset’

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Is the drama real? Nick Viall asked Mary on The Viall Files podcast if Christine acted out for the cameras.

“We don’t know. We don’t know,” Mary said at first. But then she changed her answer. “Well, it can’t be for the show because she’s doing it outside of the show when the cameras are off. She does even worse stuff when the cameras are off. So but the thing is we all, we all loved the Christine in season 1. She was an–I used to live with her. I loved her. But she is just–she’s changed.”

Mary said Christine’s humor is good for the show, but the drama is tearing other women down. She said the cast wants to promote women’s empowerment and Christine is going against that.

“It’s confusing because she wants to be like this boss b*tch kind of thing, and all she’s doing is being a b*tch,” Mary said. She added that Christine should have changed like Davina did this season.

Mary later claimed the show didn’t need drama with Christine. “The storyline to us is like super old,” she said. “Because you’re not part of our life. We all hang out, we all have fun. There’s real estate drama and drama within other stuff in our personal lives that they can show. But with Christine, it’s like we’re so over it. We really don’t care anymore.”

Christine Quinn left The Oppenheim Group 

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The end of season 5 hinted there could be multiple changes at The Oppenheim Group. Vanessa Villela talked about possibly leaving to be with her boyfriend in another country. Her last scene showed her at the airport.

Emma Hernan surprisingly claimed Christine had someone try to bribe one of her clients to not work with her for $5,000. The client said Christine was out to “sabotage” her. Mary and Jason agreed that if this was true, something had to be done. But Christine refused to meet with them. That means her future at the brokerage was up in the air.

Christine reportedly left The Oppenheim Group recently. “It was Christine’s decision to leave the Oppenheim Group,” a source told Us Weekly. It’s unclear if she’ll still be part of the show.