‘Selling Sunset’: Maya Vander Responds to ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Shade – ‘No Doubt That Our Show Is More Successful’ (Exclusive)

Maya Vander is well aware of the ongoing shade being thrown at Selling Sunset by the Million Dollar Listing brokers. And while some of the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles brokers have joked that the Selling Sunset agents aren’t real or “candy for Netflix,” Vander isn’t overly upset about the remarks.

In fact, she chuckled when asked about the shade, sharing that she loves Million Dollar Listing. But she noted that drama on Selling Sunset is a serious ratings driver. And the cast knows their show is highly successful.

‘Selling Sunset’ is more successful than ‘Million Dollar Listing,’ Maya Vander says

“Look, I mean, I like MDL,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I haven’t watched the recent season, but I do like the show because of the real estate. And do I wish our show would be a little bit more like MDL with the real estate drama? Yes, but if I look at what is actually been very successful and being watched, it’s our show.”

Maya Vander from Selling Sunset on the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Real TV Awards
Maya Vander from Selling Sunset on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards | JC Olivera/WireImage

“And you see from our followers on social media,” she continued. “So no doubt that our show is more successful than MDL. And I respect all the guys and obviously the ladies at MDL, including Tracy [Tutor]. I’ve been doing real estate for 10 years, but also I’m not in L.A. full time and most of my businesses is here [in Miami].

“So people can Google me and look me up and look at those transactions and I have nothing to be ashamed of,” she said. “But yeah, look when I joined Selling Sunset when we started filming, I really thought it was going to be like MDL. Like women empowerment, in real estate and killing it.”

“And we do film [real estate deals],” she added. “But it’s also like she said this and that. And really, the audience loves it. Because, yeah, we are like, I guess, what number two in whatever in the US or on Netflix? So, you know, I respect Tracy and the other people. But our show is just so successful and people love seeing sexy girls fighting and doing it at a nice open house.”

Maya Vander did a deal with Josh and Matt Altman in the past

“So I can tell you when I lived in L.A. for time, I used to go to broker’s opens. I used to see every single open house. Actually, a long time ago, I did a deal with Josh and Matt [Altman],” she recalled. “Tracy, I don’t think I ever saw either, but I also am not in L.A. full time. So I’m there when we film the show and I try to get my clients in the show.”

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“And as far as the other ladies, I mean, everybody can check,” she asserted. “You know, they can check the real estate licenses. We all do real estate.”

Tracy Tutor recently referred to ‘Selling Sunset’ as ‘candy for Netflix’

Tracy Tutor recently applauded Selling Sunset‘s success while at the same time referring to the brokers as “candy for Netflix.”

“They have beautiful women working for them, which obviously was, you know, like candy for Netflix,” she said on the Dear Reality, You’re Effed podcast.  “I’m not going to say that they don’t sell real estate. But if you were like, let’s pick some great women in real estate in Los Angeles that are doing business and successful, not even necessarily at the top of the game, but who are doing business. You would not point out the women that are on that show.”

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“That being said, I think they’re doing business?” she added. “I’ve never personally done any deals with them, but I think they’re doing great. And to be honest with you good for them. They have a great, very successful show on Netflix. And, you know, they’re killing it. Whether they’re killing it in real estate or on Netflix, who gives a sh*t. You know, I’ve never done a deal with any of them, but that doesn’t mean, you know, a whole heck of a lot.”